Tentative Time Line:

28-29 April, 1 May2023:
Scouts in Action at Red Cloud Range
1 May 2023:
Recon Run from 194th Armored Brigade to Pierce Range
Stress Shoot at Pierce Range
Sequencing Ceremony at the Moore Club
2-4 May 2023:
Obstacle Course at the Harmony Church 194th Armored Brigade Course
Medical Lane at Lee Field
May 5:
Final Charge at York Field
Awards Ceremony at York Field

The Gainey Cup showcases the competence, physical and mental stamina and competitive spirit of Cavalry Scout Troopers serving in formations who perform Reconnaissance and Security. The competition keeps the competitive edge of Troopers sharp while they are with units that are not currently engaged in combat operations around the world.

The Armor School will determine the “Best Scout Squad” by running them through a gauntlet of rigorous reconnaissance and security events. These events will challenge the participants' physical and mental ability to conduct reconnaissance and security operations in close proximity to enemy forces and civilian populations, while informing the commander’s Priority Intelligence Requirements. They must be able to employ fires, enablers, and report to develop situational understanding. Finally, the Scout Squad will be evaluated on their ability to provide early warning and decision space for the commander, developing the situation when necessary, through direct action.

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