By requesting a pass, you are agreeing to a background check, which uses the National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-III), a Federal Bureau of Investigation database that provides criminal histories from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Be aware that all individuals 18 and older in the vehicle are required to have a background check and pass before being allowed to unescorted access to the installation.

Pass Request using online pre-registration:

  • Visit Here
    (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari browser recommended). Internet explorer may be outdated on your PC.
  • Complete all pre-registration requirements on the secure site, being sure to select “Reason for Visit” This process takes less than two minutes. If other installations are shown, please ensure you select the correct installation..
  • Applicants should receive an SMS (text message) within minutes (and no later than 24 hours later) with notification on whether the request for a Fort Moore Pass is approved.

Special Events may have online pre-registration links specific to that event. If you are coming for an event, it is recommended you use the Special Event Link and/or code for that event.

Those with approved passes will be able to pick up their pass at the Lindsey Creek Visitor Control Center kiosk (open 24 hours) or the Contractor Visitor Control Center kiosk located on 8th Division Road at Harmony Church (open Monday to Friday 6 am to 2 pm). You will need the DL/ID that you used during pre-registration. Pass will not be available for pick up until the start date requested. Some Special Events may direct you to a specific gate for initial entry to the post.

Please see the YouTube link below showing the kiosk process to retrieve your pass at a Visitor Control Center: