Garrison Commander

Colonel Colin Mahle serves as the garrison commander where he oversees the daily operations and future development of the installation, the home and workplace of more than 50,000 military service members, Family members and federal employees.



Garrison Command Sergeant Major

Command Sgt. Maj. Sanchez is a native of San Diego, California. He entered the U.S. Army in 1994 completing One Station Unit Training with Echo Company, 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry Regiment at this installation. 




Garrison Headquarters


Suite 5900, McGinnis-Wickam Hall, 1 Karker Street, Fort Moore, GA, 31905

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed training and federal holidays.

We Want to Hear from You.

The Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system is a web-based tool that collects feedback on services provided by various organizations throughout Fort Benning. The ICE system allows customers to submit online comment cards to provide feedback to the service providers they have encountered. To provide us your feedback CLICK HERE.

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37TB 4AD tank gunner SEP 1944.jpgSince 1918, Fort Benning, Georgia has served as the Home of the Infantry.  Fort Knox, Kentucky had served as the home of the Armor since 1940. Transformation began as a result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission's decision to consolidate a number of schools and installations to create “Centers of Excellence."

Included in this transformation was the move of the Armor School to Fort Benning and establishment of the Maneuver Center of Excellence. At the MCoE, these critical maneuver forces train as they fight - together! – and together they will win.

Fort Moore covers more than 182,000 acres and is located southwest of the city of Columbus, Georgia. The installation makes up considerable portions of Muscogee and Chattahoochee counties in Georgia and also a small portion of Russell County, Alabama. Fort Benning supports a community of military personnel, dependents, reservists, retired military personnel and civilian employees.     

Fort Moore is comprised of the U.S. Army Infantry School, the U.S. Army Armor School, the 75th Ranger Regimental Headquarters, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Regimental Special Troops Battalion, Task Force 1-28 Infantry, the 14th Combat Support Hospital, and many other operational and training units.

During fiscal year 2016, Fort Benning trained approximately 12,000 Soldiers daily in Initial Military Training, Functional, and Institutional training, by both Resident courses and Mobile Training Teams. Fort Moore is unique in that many of the Army's one-of-a-kind units are assigned here. We are totally committed to serving our stakeholders- the Soldiers, civilians, Family members and retirees that live and work at Fort Benning and in its surrounding communities.

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200902-A-IE830-5645-XL.jpgFort Moore lies across the Alabama–Georgia border next to Columbus, Georgia and supports more than 120,000 active-duty military, family members, reserve component soldiers, retirees and civilian employees on a daily basis.

The post is the home of the Maneuver Center of Excellence, Armor and Infantry schools, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, 75th Ranger Regiment, the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade, Army Marksmanship Unit, Army National Guard Warrior Training Center, U.S. Army Reserve's 98th Training Division, and many more. 

Columbus is a consolidated city-county located on the west-central border of the U.S. state of Georgia. Located on the Chattahoochee River directly across from Phenix City, Alabama, Columbus is the county seat of Muscogee County, with which it officially merged in 1970. Columbus is the third-largest city in Georgia and the fourth-largest metropolitan area.

Columbus lies 100 miles southwest of Atlanta. Fort Moore is located south of the city in southern Muscogee and Chattahoochee counties. Columbus is home to museums and tourism sites, including the National Infantry Museum, dedicated to the U.S. Army's Infantry Branch. It has the longest urban whitewater rafting course in the world constructed on the Chattahoochee River.

Did You Know?

The post is the sixth-largest military installation in the U.S. with the third-greatest troop density. The post covers over 182,000 acres, mostly in Georgia, with about 12,000 acres across the Chattahoochee River in Alabama. Nearly 80,000 Soldiers train at this installation every year, and more than 100,000 Soldiers, family members, veterans, civilians and contract employees live, work, play and use services on the installation every day.


There are four main cantonment areas on Fort Moore: Main Post, Kelley Hill, Sand Hill and Harmony Church.

Main Post

Main Post houses various garrison and smaller U.S. Army Forces Command, or FORSCOM, units such as 14th Combat Support Hospital and 11th Engineer Battalion. A number of Maneuver Center of Excellence units, such as Officer Candidate School, the Henry Caro Non-Commissioned Officers Academy and the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade's Airborne School. McGinnis-Wickham Hall, formerly known as Infantry Hall, is the post headquarters.

Kelley Hill

Kelley Hill formerly housed the 3d Brigade Combat Team of the 3d Infantry Division (Mechanized). Between December 11, 2015, and December 15, 2015, the 3d BCT's six subordinate battalions performed inactivation ceremonies on Sledgehammer Field. On December 16, 2015, 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment Task Force, or Task Force 1-28, was activated in its place on Kelly Hill. Task Force 1-28 is a 1053-member unit "made up of selected Soldiers from the six inactivated battalions that formed the 3d Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division".

Sand Hill

Sand Hill is the primary location of the 198th Infantry Brigade, responsible for training Infantry One Station Unit Training, or OSUT. The mission of the 198th Infantry Brigade is to transform civilians into disciplined Infantrymen that possess the Army Values, fundamental Soldier skills, physical fitness, character, confidence, commitment and the Warrior Ethos to become adaptive and flexible Infantrymen ready to accomplish the mission of the Infantry.

Harmony Church

Harmony Church houses the 194th Armored Brigade, which runs U.S. Army Armor School's Armor One Station Unit Training; and 316th Cavalry Brigade, which educates and trains Armor and Cavalry leaders; and the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade, which conducts transformational training creating and delivering combat-ready Rangers, Paratroopers, Jumpmasters, Pathfinders, and Reconnaissance Leaders to the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense.

Camp Merrill

Located in Dahlonega, Georgia, Camp Frank D. Merrill is home to the 5th Ranger Training Battalion (est. 1952) and the mountain phase of the U.S. Army Ranger School. Named in honor of Major General Frank D. Merrill, commander of one of the first Ranger units (Merrill’s Marauders in World War II), the camp’s 290 acres are located at the base of the North Georgia Mountains near the Appalachian Trail.

One Force, One Fight!

Agencies & Services

Directorate of Emergency Services

Fort Moore's Directorate of Emergency Services provides 24-hour law enforcement, force protection and community assistance to commanders, Soldiers, Family members, civilians and guests of Fort Benning and maintains liaison with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and supports installations contingency operations. To learn more, CLICK HERE. Programs and areas of focus include:

  • Installation Access
  • Animal Control
  • Ticketing & Towing
  • Military Police Reports
  • Fire Department
  • Hunting Enforcement
  • Military Working Dogs
  • Military Police Investigations
  • Military Police Operations
  • Off Limit Areas
  • Physical Security
  • Weapons Registration

Directorate of Human Resources

Mission: The mission of the Directorate of Human Resources is to provide life-long military human resources services for Soldier and Family Readiness and Resiliency and excel in customer service, teamwork, operational performance, innovation and inspired leadership. To learn more, CLICK HERE. Programs and areas of focus include:

  • Administrative Services
  • Army Substance Abuse Program
  • Army Continuing Education System
  • Installation main ID Card Facility
  • Sponsorship
  • Military Personnel Division
  • Casualty Assistance Center
  • Freedom of Information Act

Directorate of Public Works

Directorate of Public Works provides, operates, repairs and maintains the installation's infrastructure to support the training and deployment mission at Fort Moore. Developing a motivated and dynamic group of professionals, organized around a flexible and responsive team structure. Providing environmentally sound customer-valued services, through a streamlined process, leveraging available resources, additional core authorities, partnerships, outsourcing and privatization where appropriate. This results-oriented organization will be sustained through innovation, continuous improvement and competitive service delivery methods. To learn more, CLICK HERE. Programs and services include:

  • Engineering Division
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Housing Division
  • Environmental management Division
  • Master Planning
  • Business Operations & Integration

Equal Employment Opportunity

The Equal Employment Opportunity Program applies to civilian personnel management and employment-related issues for civilian employees and job applicants. Our mission is to implement a viable Equal Employment Opportunity Program for the Home of the Maneuver Center of Excellence, which provides a work environment free of discrimination based on race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, or physical/mental disability. The Equal Employment Opportunity Office is located in Meloy Hall, building 6, room 121, Fort Moore, Georgia. Hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. To learn more, CLICK HERE. Programs and areas of focus include:

  • Affirmative Employment Program
  • Individuals with Disabilities Program
  • Special Emphasis Program
  • Discrimination Complaints
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Laws & Regulations

Post Commissary

A core military family support element, and a valued part of military pay and benefits, commissaries contribute to family readiness, enhance the quality of life for America's military and their families, and help recruit and retain the best and brightest men and women to serve their country. To learn more, CLICK HERE or get in touch with Fort Moore's Commissary:

  • Store Phone: 706-544-3965
  • FAX: 706-544-3038
  • DSN: 784-3965
  • DSN FAX: 784-3038
  • Email: FortMoore.commissary@deca.mil

Installation MWR

The Army Morale, Welfare, and Recreation program is a quality-of-life program that directly supports readiness by providing a variety of community, Soldier, and Family support activities and services. MWR offers worldwide support through a comprehensive network of programs and services at each installation-from Family, Child and youth programs to recreation, sports, entertainment, travel and leisure activities. The mission of MWR is to serve the needs, interests, and responsibilities of all people in the Army community-Soldiers, their Families, civilian employees, military retirees, and other eligible participants-for as long as they are associated with the Army, no matter where they are located. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Post Exchange

Mission: We go where you go to improve your quality of life through the goods and services we provide.

Vision: To be the preferred retail and services provider for the military family through extraordinary customer service and value pricing.

To learn more, CLICK HERE or contact the Exchange at: 706-685-3257. To reach the HR Office, call 706-682-0412 ext. 203/205/206

Installation Schools (DoDEA)

As a learning organization, our continuous improvement is focused on increased effectiveness to make a positive impact on the educational experiences of our stakeholders, more specifically, the students. To learn more, CLICK HERE. Schools on the installation:

  • Stowers Elementary: 7791 Stowers Drive, Bldg 9610
    Fort Moore, GA 31905-7402
    Phone: 706-544-2312
  • Dexter Elementary: 99 Yeager Ave, Bldg 1400
    Fort Moore, GA 31905-6522
    Phone: 706-545-3424
  • White Elementary: 9431 Custer Road Bldg 3030
    Fort Moore, GA 31905
    Phone: 706-545-1175
  • McBride Elementary: 700 Custer Road, Bldg 11310
    Fort Moore, GA 31905-7402
    Phone: 706-544-9411
    Fax: 706-544-9299
    DSN Phone: 835-9411
  • Faith Middle: 1375 Ingersoll St Bldg-1375
    Fort Moore, GA 31905-7200
    Phone: 706-545-0310
    Fax: 706-545-7800
    DSN Phone: 835-0310
    DSN Fax: 706-545-7800

Internal Review Office

Fort Moore Internal Review office vision is to be the premier source to decision makers for professional, objective, timely, relevant information and strategies for achieving continuous organizational improvement and accountability. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Logistics Readiness Center

Provide Responsive, Adaptive Multi-Functional Logistics Supporting the Training, Mobilizing, Deploying/Redeploying, Sustaining, and Rearming of Forces within the Fort Moore Area of Responsibility. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Martin Army Community Hospital

Martin Army Community Hospital, a state-of-the-art medical complex, is an integral component of the Maneuver Center of Excellence military mission. Fort Moore MEDDAC provides compassionate world class healthcare to maximize battlefield readiness and the overall health of our community. We deliver safe, quality, accessible, cost-effective, and patient family-centered healthcare to enable the resiliency of our community, enhance the operational readiness of our units, and achieve the best outcomes for our beneficiaries. We set the standard for the Army in health and readiness, and demonstrate the value of our hospital by providing high quality healthcare at an exceptional cost while maintaining & developing professionalism and commitment in our staff. Welcome to Martin Army Community Hospital. To learn more, CLICK HERE or for:

  • Emergencies: If you think you or your family member has a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.
  • Appointments: Our Central Appointment Line is 762-408-CARE(2273).
  • Medical Records: For Medical Records, contact 762-408-00
  • Medical Records: For Medical Records, contact 762-408-0071/0061.
  • General Inquiries: For General Inquiries, contact the MEDDAC Information Desk at 762-408-2604/2605.
  • Employment Verification: For Employment Verification, contact our HR Department at 762-408-0379.

Public Affairs Office

The Public Affairs Office supports Fort Moore by communicating on behalf of the installation and its leadership - providing clear, accurate, timely information to internal & external audiences. We employ a variety of communication strategies- including social media, media engagement, and public outreach. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Religious Support Office

Fort Moore's Religious Support Office provides a program of religious support (RS) services and activities that will ensure: the free exercise of religion; fervent spiritual growth; and quality world-class pastoral care for all Fort Moore's Soldiers, families and authorized civilians. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

To contact a chaplain:

  • Staff Duty Chaplain: 706-545-2218
  • Garrison Chaplain's Office: 706-545-2289
  • Regimental Chapel (Sand Hill): 706-544-9269 or 706-544-9017
  • Soldiers Chapel (Sand Hill): 706-544-9764 or 706-544-9601
  • Kelley Hill Chapel: 706-544-3070or 706-544-1692
  • Airborne Chapel: 706-545-3677
  • Sightseeing Road Chapel: 706-545-2169 or 706-545-6787
  • The Infantry Center Chapel: 706-545-2050
  • MCoE Main Post Chapel: 706-545-7059or 706-545-0938
  • Martin Army Community Hospital Chapel: 706-544-1382 or 706-544-2511
  • Reception Battalion Chaplain (30th AG): 706-544-9432 or 706-544-9902

Safety Office

Assuring and maintaining safe and healthful working conditions for the Soldiers, Family members, and civilian workforce in partnership with the Community by employing the highest professional standards and providing exceptional service to Fort Benning. To learn more, CLICK HERE or call 706-545-4812/706-545-3683/706-545-3676 or 706-545-4844


Fort Moore's Environmental Management Division interprets laws and regulations to develop installation policies and objectives, sustain mission requirements, analyze actions and assure environmental compliance. This includes developing contract specifications, setting program priorities and objectives, budgeting for requirements, providing technical expertise, and directing the execution of environmental programs. To learn more, CLICK HERE.