The Presidio of Monterey is implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with ISO 14001 standards and Executive Order 13423, "Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy and Transportation Management." The EMS identifies policies, procedures and resources for maintaining an effective and efficient environmental management; going beyond compliance and encouraging continual improvement.

  • ISO 14001
    The ISO 14001 standard, developed by the International Organization of Standardization provides a comprehensive and flexible system that allows all Directorates and activities operating on the Presidio and OMC the ability to identify their Environmental Aspects and determine ways to mitigate associated environmental impacts.
  • Executive Order 13423
    Executive Order 13423 requires use of the EMS as the framework for managing and continually improving sustainable practices. The EO sets goals in the areas of energy efficiency, acquisition, renewable energy, toxics reduction, recycling, sustainable buildings, electronics stewardship, fleets, and water conservation.
  • EMS Awareness training
    Environmental Management System Awareness Training is available to all POM/OMC personnel. In 2008, EMS Awareness Training will become mandatory for all civilian staff assigned to the POM Garrison Command. A link to EMS Awareness Training is provided below (coming soon!).

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