XVIII Airborne Corps Reception Company

Welcome to Fort Liberty, North Carolina! 





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The XVIII Airborne Corps Reception Company (18th RC) is a 24-hour operation, providing reception and in-processing functions for incoming Soldiers and Families at Fort Liberty, North Carolina. 18th RC conducts customer service for all permanent party Soldiers reporting to United States Army Forces Command, United States Army Reserve Command, Joint Special Operations Command, XVIII Airborne Corps, 82nd Airborne Division, United States Army Special Operations Command, Active Guard Reserve, United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, other tenant units.

Required Documents (18th RC Staff Duty is available to make copies):

 - Orders bringing you to Fort Liberty, including all amendments

 - DA Form 31 (Leave Form)

 - Dental Records

 - Common Access Card (CAC)




In-processing Instructions: Report directly to 18th RC at 4-1437 Normandy Dr. You will have up to 5 days to in-process the installation, not including weekends or holidays. The uniform is OCPs. Limit all appointments while in-processing. Upon completing in-processing, you will ship to your unit. E-1 to E-6 Soldiers will wait at 18th RC until your gaining brigade S-1 delegate signs for you and takes you to the unit. E-7 and above Soldiers will report to your gaining S-1 on your own.



Documents You May Need (18th RC Staff Duty is available to make copies):

 - 2 Sets of identification (Dog) tags on separate chains

 - DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data)

 - DD Form 8286 (SGLV) Service members’ Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate

 - Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)

 - Travel documents and receipts (e.g. plane tickets, hotel receipts, PPM weight tickets)

 - Airborne diploma, jump orders, and jump log (if Airborne qualified)

 - DD 4/1 - 4/2 – 4/3 (Enlistment / Reenlistment contracts, USAR and AGR)

 - Oath of Office (USAR and AGR Officers)

 - DD Form 5960 (BAH, USAR and AGR)

 - All DD Form 214s (USAR and AGR prior service)

 - Will (Students, if applicable)

 - Medical Records, Immunization Records (Students, if applicable)

 - Vision and Hearing Records (Students, if applicable)

 - Marriage, Divorce, and Dependent Birth Certificates (if applicable)

 - Mortgage or Lease Agreements (if applicable)

 - Power of Attorney (if applicable)

 - Child Support Documentation (Court Orders, Separation Agreements, etc., if applicable)


Sponsorship: Email your complete DA Form 5434 to your current (losing unit) Total Army Sponsorship Program Manager for accountability purposes. Reach out to your sponsor prior to your arrival and throughout in-processing. Sponsors are encouraged to meet with you while you are in-processing with 18th RC.


Leave and Pass: You have a 125-mile travel radius from Fort Liberty. The 18th RC Commander will only approve leave or TDY by exception, including emergency leave and extenuating circumstances. All other leave, passes, PTDY, and TDY must be submitted through your gaining unit after shipping.


Barracks: E-1 to E-5 Unaccompanied Soldiers will be assigned barracks rooms at 18th RC. You will receive clean linens and a pillow, and you will have access to cleaning supplies. A Cadre member will walk you to your room and ensure it is to standard. You will have twice daily room inspections on weekdays. Alcohol and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in the barracks and the 18th RC footprint. Tobacco use is also prohibited in the barracks, but there is a designated smoking area outside. Male Soldiers are not allowed in the female barracks and vice versa.


Lodging: E-6 and above Soldiers and Soldiers accompanied by Family members are encouraged to make temporary housing arrangements prior to reporting. Moon Hall (910-396-7700), The Landmark Inn (910-495-1215), and the Carolina Inn & Normandy House (910-396-7700) are the official temporary on-post lodging facilities. If you plan to secure permanent on-post housing, you will need to contact the Corvias Housing Office (910-495-0875) and follow their guidance. Senior NCOs (E-6 and above) and Officers on Active Duty who are either single or unaccompanied can sign up for a 1- or 2-bedroom on-post apartment at Randolph Pointe. To be added to the waitlist, please visit https://randolphpointe.com/apply

Randolph Pointe: Active Duty Military, Senior NCO (E-6 and above) and all Officers, who are either Single or Unaccompanied can sign up to get a 1 or 2 bedroom, on-post apartment. Go to https://randolphpointe.com/apply to get on the waitlist.

Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB): Soldiers on orders to WTB are not required to in-process with 18th RC. You will conduct in-processing with WTB only.


WAMC (Medical) Students: Soldiers on orders to the Student Company / Medical Hold at WAMC will report to the Administrative Officer of the Day (AOD) at the Womack Army Medical Center front desk (910-907-6000).


Chaplains & Religious Affairs Specialist/NCOs (56A & 56M): Report to 18th RC to sign in from leave and to begin in-processing.  Also you must report to the Religious Support Office (Bldg 2-1114 Jackson St) during in-processing (910-396-1121).


USAJFKSWCS (Special Operations) Students: Report to 18th RC first. SWC Cadre will immediately receive SWC Students with 18X MOS. All other SWC Students will in-process with 18th RC prior before reporting to SWC.


Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers reporting for ADSW, AT or ADT: If you are on mobilization orders, contact the MOB Site (910-396-5463) for guidance. You will need to go through the USAR/NG Finance Office, Building 397, Maverick Street (910-396-5314). The Finance Office hours are M, W-F 0830-1200 & 1300-1700, and Tu 1000-1200 & 1300-1700.



Transportation: From Fayetteville Airport, Soldiers can request a taxi or ride sharing service (Uber, Lyft, etc.) to 18th RC. Most of the airport taxis DO NOT accept credit cards, so you will need to be prepared to pay with cash. The average cost for a one-way taxi trip is $30. Remember to keep your receipts for finance. There is also a courtesy phone at the Fayetteville Airport to call the 18th RC staff duty desk (910-396-4250) for questions. Visit the airport website at http://flyfay.ci.fayetteville.nc.us/ for more information.



Privately Owned Weapon: All personnel arriving to Fort Liberty in possession of a privately owned weapon (POW) must either register the POW in person at the All American Visitor Center or preregister online at the following link: https://home.army.mil/liberty/index.php/about/garrison/directorate-emergency-services/physical-security/physical-security-weapons-registration.

Consolidated Phone Numbers:

18th RC Staff Duty: 910-396-4250

Soldier Support Center Front Desk: 910-396-8683

Womack Army Medical Center Front Desk: 910-907-6000

Womack Army Medical Center COVID-19 Hotline: 1-866-462-3821

Corvias Housing Office: 910-495-0875

Moon Hall, Carolina Inn, and Normandy House: 910-396-7700

Landmark Inn: 910-495-1215

National Guard and Reserve MOB Site: 910-396-5463

National Guard and Reserve Finance Office: 910-396-5314

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255


If you have any questions, please contact the 18th RC staff duty desk. Welcome to Fort Liberty!