The administrative and civil law section is responsible for providing legal support regarding the application of rules, regulations, statutes and judicial precedent for all activities of the XVIII Airborne Corps, Fort Liberty Garrison and Mission Support Element both in garrison and in a deployed environment. Areas of focus include ethics, investigations, financial liability, Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, private organizations, appropriated and non-appropriated fund activities, the use of government resources, environmental law, contract law, fiscal law, and labor law.


Provide legal advisors to Investigating Officers, Financial Liability Officers, Article 32 Preliminary Hearing Officers, Boards of Inquiry and Administrative Separation Boards; Provide legal reviews on all AR 15-6 investigations, FLIPLs, policy letters, MOUs, and MOAs; Provide an OSJA representative to installation review boards and committees; Implement the DoD ethics program for XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Liberty; Provide legal reviews to all FOIA requests and advise on Privacy Act issues; Process requests to bar individuals from post and to rescind bars; Process revocation of driving privileges and requests to reinstate driving privileges; Provide regulatory guidance, clarification, and interpretation to the command; Review local regulations, policies, and directives.