The XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Liberty Inspector General inquires into and provides the Corps Commander with a continuous assessment of Corps and installation readiness, discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training, and operational effectiveness as the Army’s only Contingency Corps. On order, deploys with the Corps Headquarters to accomplish the assigned mission.

The IG Functions: Inspections, Assistance, Investigations, Teach and Train

Point of Contact for Inspections, Teach and Train: (910) 432-0869 

Point of Contact for Assistance and Investigations: (910)-432-8202 

What the IG can do for you: Provide information, provide assistance, provide teach and train


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FOIA Request Form: Freedom of Information Act (

DoD Whistleblower Reprisal Complaint: Department of Defense Office of Inspector General > Components > Administrative Investigations > Whistleblower Reprisal Investigations > Whistleblower Reprisal (

Fort Liberty Inspector General Offices

XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Liberty​ Bldg. 2-1728 Stiner Rd.​ (910) 396-5106​

1st Special Forces Command (Airborne)​ Bldg. H-3743, Gruber Rd. ​(910) 806-3316 / (910) 432-7691​

​3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command​ Bldg. M-2567 Quartermaster St.​ (910) 643-4046/4048/4050​

Security Force Assistance Command​ Bldg. 8-1808, 4700 Knox St.​ (910) 570-7859​

​82nd Airborne Division​ Bldg. C-6540 Ardennes St.​ (910) 432-3909​

​North Carolina National Guard​ 1636 Gold Star Dr., Raleigh​ (984) 664-6182

U.S. Army Forces Command​ 4700 Knox St., Bldg. 8-1808​ (910) 570-7855​

​U.S. Army Reserve Command​ 4710 Knox St.​ (910) 570-8175/8174​

​U.S. Army Special Operations Command​ Bldg. E2333 Kuwait St.​ (910) 432-4151​

​U.S. Army JFK Special Warfare Center and School​ D-3915 Ardennes St.​ (910) 432-6480/7929​

​Joint Special Operations Command​ Bldg. 2142, JSOC Compound​ (910) 425-4801​

​U.S. Army Civil Affairs & PSYOP Command​ Bldg. A-5585 Pratt St.​ (910) 432-1711/9317




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