The XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Liberty NCO Academy will provide professional military education that develops enlisted leaders who are fit, disciplined, and well-educated professionals that return to their formations ready to lead from the front and meet the complex challenges of their Operating Environments.


We remain a fully accredited institution that provides Fort Liberty tenant units and the Eastern Region with doctrine based instruction supporting formations for the Global Response Force, Special Operations, and Theater Support elements. We are a learning institution of fit and disciplined NCOs, and Department of Army Civilians that effectively collaborate, communicate and maintain a positive learning environment. NCO leaders, both student and staff, recognize individual fitness and self-discipline as foundations of our profession. We ensure ALL learners are treated with dignity and respect while maintaining effective learning experiences that foster critical thinking and initiative. We will maintain and enforce standards and discipline providing a firm and fair command climate that encourages growth for all members of the staff, facilitators, and learners.


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NCO Academy Leadership