The Transition Center is closed, every 3rd Wednesday, from  1200-1700. Please schedule appointments accordingly. 

Effective 13 April 2020, all ETS, Officer, Chapter and Retirement packets need to be submitted to the Transition Center mailbox at: usarmy.bragg.imcom-atlantic.mbx.bragg-tc@mail.mil. Please ensure all PII is properly protected through the use of encryption or DOD Safe software and sent from enterprise email addresses. Please ensure all S1 POCs information is included to prevent delays in processing. If packets are missing required documents, S1 POC will be contacted to provide required documents.


In lieu of personal SBP counseling and signing of the DD form 2656 (data for payment of retired personnel), Retirement Counselors will use telephonic platform to advise Soldiers. Retirement Counselors will email a copy of the updated SBP counseling form to the soldier prior to the counseling. This counseling form can be signed with a digital or wet signatures. Completion of the DD form 2656 will occur remotely using encrypted emails or DOD Safe software as the mode to transfer personally identifiable information between Transition Center and Soldier.

***  PLEASE READ  ***

Effective 23 March 2020, the customer service hours in Transition Center has changed and limitations to customer service and briefing sizes are in place to ensure safety for all personnel who visit or need service from the Transition Center. Chapter packets will be submitted on Monday and Thursday between the hours of 1300-1600 hrs.  ETS packets and Officer Separations packets will be submitted on Tuesday and Friday between the hours of 1300-1600 hrs. Voluntary retirement packets will be submitted on Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 0830 to 1130 hrs. Medical retirement packets will be submitted by the Soldier from 0830-1130 hrs. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Medical separation packets will be submitted on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1300-1600hrs.  **  Please ensure the DA Form 199 has been signed prior to packet submission or the packet will be returned without action.

All separation actions will be submitted by the Brigade S-1 to the Transition Center for processing. The Brigade S-1 must submit an access roster for all Soldiers authorized to submit and receive separation actions. All Separation and Retirement packets must have a DA Form 200 from the Brigade S-1 to be processed by the Transition Center. The Transition Center is closed on Wednesday for training. The DD214 briefing will be schedule based upon leave date or separation date for all Chapters, ETS and Officer Separations. All Chapter, ETS, Officer, and Retirement orders will be sent via email to the Brigade S-1 and Soldier.

All ETS Soldiers upon receipt of separation orders, must report to the Soldier Support Center, 2ND Flr, Wing D, Out-processing section between 1300 -1600hrs to schedule an appointment for Installation Clearance briefing.

- After the Chapter packet has been received for processing by the Transition Center, the Soldier must report to the Soldier Support Center, 2nd Flr, Wing D, Out-processing section between 1300 -1600 hrs. to schedule an appointment for Installation Clearance briefing. All Soldiers who are required to have an escort must have escort present during the entire clearing processing and when coming to the Transition Center.


Our mission is to provide quality transition services to Soldiers transitioning from military service.

All Administrative Separations (Chapters) must have the original and two copies (Transition Center reviews and upload the original, one copy for Finance and the other copy for the Soldier). Our office does not make copies. If for some reason the original chapter packet cannot be produced, the servicing legal office must certify a copy. Transition Center does not calculate or authorize any leaves.


Our mission is to deliver dynamic human resources to all service-members seeking retirement from the United States Army and Ft. Liberty, North Carolina.

Our services include: The Pre-Retirement section of the Transition Center conducts individual counseling and provides personnel services relevant to transition from active duty to retirement. Pre-retirements process SPB elections, retirement packets, retirement orders and the DD214.  Please link on the valuable links:

- Medical Officer Retirement Checklist

- Medical Enlisted Retirement Checklist

- Retirement Handout: Officer Checklist

- Retirement Handout: Enlisted Checklist

- Medical Retirement Extension


ETS – Orders can be generated up to 90 days prior to Expiration Term of Service (ETS) by the Transition Center. Only S1 personnel are authorized to turn in ETS packets which includes two copies of the DA Form 200.

S1 - It is the responsibility of the Unit/Battalion S1 to run a 180 day query (loss roster) for their units to identify Soldiers approaching the ETS and submit the required documents to the Transition Center for processing NLT 90 days prior to the Soldiers’ ETS. The S1 should also ensure the Soldiers review the PRE-SEPARATION SLIDES.

ADMINSTRATIVE SEPARATIONS (CHAPTERS) - Orders are published expeditiously after receipt of a complete packet.  If a Soldier requires an escort (per Fort Liberty Policy and Precedent Statement #2), the escort must remain with the Soldier during the entire process. For more information on chapter packets, please see Chapter Packet Checklist.

Officer Separation Checklist information:  Officer Separation Checklist

MEDICAL SEPARATIONS – Integrated Disability Evaluation System, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) established a joint program to modernize and improve the disability evaluation and compensation process for wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers. Soldiers are to report to the Transition Center immediately upon receipt of the DA Form 199 – Physical Evaluation Board Proceedings to obtain information on the requirements of their transition. For more information on medical separation, see MEB Chapter Checklist.

Note- the Transition Center is not authorized to extend Soldiers beyond their contractual ETS.  If a medical separation date is beyond the Soldiers ETS, Soldiers must see their PEBLO or unit retention NCO for an extension.


For changes to DD214 after separation, you can request an amendment DD Form 215 from: