Frequently Asked Questions Question: I was recently promoted, but my Service Member (SM) Officer Record Brief (SRB) does not reflect the rank change. How do I correct my SRB?
Answer: All promotions are automatically updated at the DA level. The Personnel Services Branch does not have the capability to update this area.

Question: I’ve looked at my OMPF and there are several items missing; what is my next course of action?
Answer: You will need to make copies of all missing documents; put your full SSN in the top right corner of each one (even if it is located somewhere else on the document). Bring those copies to your PSB to be digitally scanned up for inclusion on your OMPF.

Question: Do I need to certify My Board File?
Answer: Yes, eligible individuals must certify their board files electronically through “My Board File”. A certified board file demonstrates to the board that you are serious about your career, it creates a first impression. A certified or reviewed board file conveys to the board members that the information in the board file is correct and up to date. If an individual is unable to certify his/her file before a board, the file still goes in front of the board and the recorders will announce that some files are not certified and it should not be held against the soldier.

Question: Regarding Officer Board files, what items or areas do board members often question?
Answer: Board members frequently ask why officers have old photos, why the physical information known as PULHES data on the SRB is out of date and why officers are missing SRB’s.

Question: What are the most important things to do prior to my next board?
Answer: Ensure that your OMPF, photo and SRB are up to date.

Question: What input does Branch have in the selection process?
Answer: NONE. 30 days prior to the boards convene date, assignment officers review the actual board files for two weeks to ensure accuracy. Once their review is complete, the DA Secretariat Board Recorders conduct a final check for completeness prior to voting. Officer management branches DO NOT provide OMLs of their “top” people to the board. Files are distributed to board members randomly.

Question: If I need to add civilian college to my SRB, what documents am I required to bring?
Answer: We need either an official transcript from your school, or a memorandum from the education center showing number of semester hours.

Question: How do I get my combat tours added to my ERB?
Answer: We will accept a PERSTEMPO printout from your S1 or your travel voucher. We cannot use your TCS orders because it does not have an exact start and stop date on them.

Question: I looked over my OMPF and noticed several documents missing, how do I get the missing documents added to my OMPF?
Answer: Bring in copies of all documents that need to be added and we will submit them to IPERMS.

Question: My assignment history on my SRB is incorrect, what do I need to bring to get it fixed?
Answer: You will need to bring NCOERS (If applicable) from the time you became a NCO. Remember the current line can only be completed by your unit.

Question: I just completed some correspondence courses. How do I get them annotated on my SRB?
Answer: You will need to bring in a printout showing all completed courses from the website and we will add then to your military education section on your SRB.

Question: I reviewed my SRB and my MEL/MES is wrong, how do I get it updated?
Answer: You will need to bring in all DA Form 1059’s from all NCOES Schools and we will submit it and get your military education level updated accordingly.

Question: I need to add several certificates of training to the military education portion of my SRB, what documents do I need to bring in to get them put onto my SRB?
Answer: You will need to bring in any and all supporting documents for the courses taken. Supporting documents are DA Form 1059s, Certificates of Training (DA Form 87) or certificates of completion that have been signed by an O-5 or above or a GS-13 or above. The certificate must reflect at least 40 hours of training/education to be added to the SRB. Courses less than 40 hours will be forwarded and posted to your OMPF, but do not appear on the SRB.

Question: I have recently gone through the fast class and raised my GT score, how do I get my new GT scores annotated on my SRB?
Answer: You will need to bring in the memorandum that was given to you from the class when you completed it showing your updated scores and we will update your SRB accordingly.

Question: I received an email on my AKO saying that I am eligible for the upcoming Senior Enlisted Board, what should I do next?
Answer: The first thing to do is to review your most recent SRB and ensure all sections are current and accurate. Then review your OMPF for any missing documents. This can be accomplished through AKO. If there are any discrepancies with your SRB or OMPF, bring copies of the supporting documents to our office for updating purposes. We will then review your SRB to ensure all sections are current and accurate according to the newest messages and regulations. You should then proceed with taking your photo and certifying your board file at; click on self-service and click on the My Board File icon.