Our mission is to serve and support the Soldiers, Civilians, and Families of the Fort Liberty community with the highest level of customer service in support of Official Mail and routine correspondence distribution. The Official Mail and Distribution Center (OMDC) personnel train and test unit mail clerks and postal officers on their duties and responsibilities. The OMDC's mailroom inspector conducts announced and unannounced inspections of unit mail rooms on a quarterly basis. Additionally, OMDC personnel are available for courtesy mailroom inspections in an effort to provide assistance and enhance postal operations.

Consolidated Mail is official mail originating at Fort Liberty addressed to any listed installation will be sent "Consolidated." Instead of placing postage on each piece of mail, items are placed into one package and postage is affixed for the total weight. This is a cost saving method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What regulations, policies, and procedures govern official mail?
Answer: DoD 4525.8-M, DoD Official Mail Manual AR 25-51, Official Mail and Distribution Management

Question: What is Official Mail?
Answer: Official mail is all mail that pertains exclusively to the business of the United States Government.

Question: What special services are offered?
Answer: Special services include the following:

- Registered
- Certified with retuirn receipt
- Signature conformation
- Outgoing non-accountable mail:  All mail received after 1600 hrs. will be mailed the next business day

Accountable mail and FedEx Ground are traceable

Question: What is the policy on search and seizure?
Answer: Official matter may be searched or seized by the official mail manager before it is postmarked by a postage meter or is placed under the control of USPS or its representative, whichever occurs first.

Question: When should the new addresses and ZIP + 4 be used?
Answer: Effective immediately, all units/activities must use the new addresses with the assigned ZIP + 4 codes on all forwarding and return addresses. First, contact your unit Mail Clerk, Postal Officer if you have questions on your correct mailing address. Contact the OMDC at (910) 396-4300/5555 if you have additional questions.

Question: When is official mail training scheduled?
Answer: Official Mail classes are scheduled every Thursday, Bldg. 4-2175, OMDC classroom at 9a.m.  If you wish to attend a class, contact the OMDC at (910) 396-4300/5555.