Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q: Can I get a Tourist Passport in this office?
A: No, this office accepts passport applications for official travel only. For tourist passports, you must go to the Post Office. See Tourist Passport Information for links to local Post Offices that accept passport applications.

Q: If I already have a tourist passport, do I really need the Official or Dependent No-Fee Passport?
A: Yes. If your official travel requires a passport, you must obtain an Official or Dependent No-Fee Passport. If you attempt to travel on a tourist passport or without the required travel documents,(i.e. Official or Dependent No-Fee passport) it may cause a financial hardship not reimbursable by the government.

Q: How soon can I apply for a Passport and or Visa?

A: Six months from arrival date/report date to location. This will allow for maximum validity time.

Q: How long are Official and Dependent No-Fee Passport valid for?
A: Generally, five years.

Q: Can I use my Official or Dependent No-Fee Passport in place of a tourist passport for personal travel?
A: No, the Official and Dependent No-Fee Passport are generally to get you into the country of duty on an official assignment and back into the United States. Tourist passports are to be used for tourism travel.

Q: What is the difference between Dependent No-Fee Passports and Tourist Passports?
A: Tourist Passports are used for tourism, they relay the travelers are there for the purpose of tourism. An Official or Dependent No-Fee Passport is used for Official Government Travel, they relay that holders are entering the country in an official capacity.

Process Information

Q: What do I need to get an Official Passport?
A: The basic Official Passport Application package consists of a DD-1056, Passport Application, citizenship documentation, 2 photos and CAC card. More information regarding passport application requirements may be found at

Q: How long does it take to get an Official or No-Fee Passport?
A: Generally, passport take between four and six weeks to process.

Q: Will my passport be sent to my home or the address listed on my application upon completion?
A: No, passport will be forwarded back to the Installation Passport Agency.

Q: Do my children need to be present to apply?
A: Yes, everyone applying for Official and dependent No-Fee Passport must be present to apply.

Q: Is there any other document I may use if I cannot locate my birth certificate?
A: If you have never had a passport before, you must provide your original birth certificate with your passport application. If you cannot locate your birth certificate, you may obtain a new certified copy by visiting (Only if you were born in the United States)

Q: Can I have my Official and Dependent No-Fee Passport sent to me if I have already PCS’d or take PCS leave prior to my report date?
A: Yes, provide the Installation Passport Agency has a copy of your Amended Travel Orders. These orders will reflect your dependents as authorized to travel, by name. The amended travel orders are generally cut after the Exceptional Family Member screening is complete.

Q: Can I have my Official Passport Expedited?
A: Yes. Applicants who require faster processing because of unexpected official travel may request expedited service. Applicants requesting expedited service for Official and Diplomatic Passports must submit a memorandum from their department or agency headquarters with detailed justification explaining the urgency of the request. This request must be signed by a General Officer, 0-7 or above.

Q: Are my original personal documents kept by the Passport Agent?
A: Yes, you original birth certificates, marriage certificate and other original legal documents will be forwarded with your application to the Department of State and they will return with your completed passports.

Q: Can the agent accept copies of my documents instead or the originals?
A: The Department of State will not accept copies, they must be originals or certified copies. The original documents will be forwarded with the applications and returned with the completed passports.

Q: Where can I get my photos for my Official and Dependent No-Fee Passport applications?
A: Photos for Official and Dependent No-Fee Passport application may be taken at the Installation Passport Agency at no charge.

Q: I was born overseas to US Citizens, how do I get proof of citizenship?
A: Contact U.S. Department of State ( and search for information regarding “Certificate of Birth Abroad.”

Q: Can I be in military uniform for my Official Passport Photo?
A: No, service members must be in civilian dress, with a collared shirt for the Official Passport photo.

Dependent Information

Q: Does my newborn baby require a passport for official travel?
A: Yes, all dependents must apply for Dependent No-Fee Passports for official government travel. In addition, this means the applicant will have to wait for the birth certificate and Social Security Card to arrive before beginning the application process.

Q: Can I have my Dependent No-Fee Passports expedited?

A: No, there is no expedited process for Dependent No-Fee Passports.

Q: We are a blended family, can my spouse (my child’s step-parent) sign my child’s passport application?
A: No. Both biological parents must sign passport applications for minor under the age of sixteen. If both parents cannot be present to sign, a notarized consent must be given in lieu of the absent parties signature. This consent can be given through a Power of Attorney, or through the Department of States Consent Form (DS-3053).

Q: I am not a U.S. Citizen, but I have a green card. Can I get an Dependent No-Fee Passport?
A: No. Only U.S. Citizens can get U.S. Passports.

Q: Is there any requirements for Dependent No-Fee Passport photos?
A: Yes. Dependents should not wear tank or halter tops for their photos, shoulders should be covered.

Q: Can I smile for my Official or Dependent No-Fee Passport photo?
A: A neutral facial expression should be used. Wide, excessive smiling, laughing, frowning,
snickering, smirking or other exaggerated expressions causes issues with the facial recognition
system used by Passport Services to assist in verifying identities.

Q: Where can I get my photos for my Official and Dependent No-Fee Passport applications?

A: Photos for Official and Dependent No-Fee Passport application may be taken at the Installation Passport Agency at no charge