The Jumpmaster Committee serves to teach, train, and inspire Paratroopers and prepare them to assume greater duties and responsibilities as Jumpmasters within their units.

Jumpmaster Course

Course Prerequisites:

-Active Army and Reserve Component Officer and Enlisted Personnel (E-4 "CPL" or above).

-Sister Service Members are authorized to attend as long as they are in a billet that requires the use of Jumpmaster skills and/or knowledge. Marine Corps and Air Force enlisted personnel, E-4 and above, may attend.

-Must be qualified as a Parachutist and have a minimum of 12 static line parachute jumps from a high-performance aircraft (C-130, C-141, C-17 or C-27J).

-Must have been on jump status for a minimum of 12 months. These months do not need to be consecutive, but they must be cumulative.

-Must have a static line jump within the past 180 days from a high performance aircraft and be a current Jumper until the class graduation date.

Note: All waivers to the above, must be routed from the first O-5 Commander or equivalent through the Assistant Chief of Staff G-3/5/7/9, 82nd Airborne Division. All waivers must be signed and in hand on the first day of training. Applicants can receive a waiver for ONE of the following: an Army Corporal with promotable status (indicated on their SRB), 12 months on airborne status, 12 jumps out of a high performance aircraft.

Required Equipment: Advanced Combat Helmet, or equivalent listed on the Approved Use List; ID Card; ID Tags; Clean and serviceable uniforms with appropriate headgear.

Required Paperwork: All XVIII Airborne Corps and 82nd Airborne Division applicants must provide a Pre-Test Slip ("White Slip") from the United States Army Advanced Airborne School or their organic Brigade (dated within 90 days of the course start date); DA Form 1307; Individual Jump Record, or Service equivalent; Applicable waivers.

Jumpmaster Pre-Test

Who: Paratroopers desiring to attend Jumpmaster School

Where: PAX Shed 1,  4300 Airborne St. Bldg. W-1335 Pope Army Airfield (PAAF) NLT 0900 on designated training date.

Required Equipment: ID Card, ID Tags, Harness Single Point Release, Hook-Pile Tape Lowering Line, approved MOLLE or ALICE Pack (refer to Approved Use List)

Expectations: Students will be tested on Nomenclature in a classroom setting. All students who receive a 70% or higher will then conduct a Combat Equipment Riggex. They will have 12 minutes to correctly rig their combat equipment. Upon the successful completion of both tests, students will receive a Pre-Test Slip, valid for 90 days. Any student who fails either of the tests will not be allowed to re-test on the same day, though they are welcome to return to future Pre-Tests.