The 261st MMB provides a scalable, flexible and modular medical battle command (MBC) administrative assistance, logistical support, and technical supervision capability for assigned and attached medical organizations (companies and detachments) task-organized for support of deployed forces.

About the 261st MMB

The 261st Multi-Functional Medical Battalion was first activated on 15 June, 1942 as the 261st Amphibious Medical Battalion at Camp Edwards, Massachusetts. The unit was specifically designated to provide corps level medical support to assault forces as they stormed the Beaches of Normandy. Their debut under fire came during the allied invasion of Sicily. The 261st was part of the amphibious assault on the Beaches of Gela. Due to the heavy fighting during the first eight hours, the 261st was the only medical unit to reach the shores and provide medical support to the allied invasion. The 261st continued to provide medical support throughout the Italian campaign and was a participate in the battles at Naples-Foggia, and Rome-Arno. The battalion went on to be part of the Allied Invasion of Europe, coming ashore at Normandy, and was involved in the fighting for Northern France.The unit was disbanded in France on 28 January, 1945.

The battalion was reconstituted in the regular Army on 01 October, 1991. The unit was reactivated as the 261st Area Support Medical Battalion on 16 September 1992 at Fort Liberty, North Carolina. LTC Edgar B. Murphy took charge as the new commander and his B Company Commander designed its present day distinctive unit crest of a fleur-de-lis emblazoned upon a maroon and silver shield with the motto "Proud to Train and Save." The battalion drew upon its WWII roots as well as the more recent 36th Medical Company (clearing) and the 429th Medical Company (ground ambulance), but shed its amphibian background as it trained for airborne operations in support of the XVIII Airborne Corps. Immediately upon activation, the battalion deployed two companies in support of Disaster Relief Operations in Florida from September through November 1992 in the wake of Hurricane Andrew. Since September 1992, the 261st Area Support Medical Battalion has been involved in numerous operations as a member of the XVIII Airborne Corps. Demonstrating over again its ability to quickly alert, marshal, and deploy worldwide in support of national command authority objectives. The 261st transformed into a Multi-Functional Medical Battalion in May of 2005.