Mission: Develop and train the Warfighter in networked datalink interoperability concepts and procedures for the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) in order to meet Joint and Coalition Commanders’ enduring and emerging mission needs.

The JID-TC teaches students to plan, establish, and manage the data link interfaces that connect and share a common picture within a Joint Task Force (JTF) and/or functional component HQs with multinational forces and other organizations. JID courses also introduce the student to the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) on advances in networked warfare and emergent capabilities to achieve interdependence and operational effectiveness. The training includes, but is not limited to Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) prerequisite knowledge and skills for integration and interoperability of Tactical Data Links (TDL) within the Multi-TDL Network (MTN) to contribute to the Common Tactical Picture (CTP), and planning and management of tactical data through gateways or extended interfaces to support the Joint Data Network (JDN). The JID-TC provides operational support to CCMDs, services, Defense Agencies and coalition partners on the employment, planning and management of tactical data links.

Location: The JID-TC is a Joint Functional School that falls within the Joint Education and Doctrine Directorate of the J7, Joint Force Development of the Joint Staff. Its physical location is at the Lt Col William G. Hall Training Center (Bldg 718), Pope Army Airfield, North Carolina.

Courses: JID teaches a blend of seven in-residence and distant learning/online courses.

* denotes the option for an Allied Training (AT) course.

JT-100 – Introduction to Data Links Course (currently suspended)

JT-101 * – Introduction to Joint Multi-TDL Network (JKO-J3O-US1380) – CAC Enabled

JT-102 * - (MAJIC) Multi-TDL Advanced Joint Interoperability Course (2 weeks)

JT-201 *- Multi TDL Planners Course (2 weeks)

JT-220 - Link Unit Managers Course (1 week)

JT-301 * - CAPSTONE- Joint Interface Control Officer Course (JICO) (4 weeks)

JT-310 - CAPSTONE- Advanced JICC Operators Course (AJOC) (4 weeks)

JT-401  - Joint Multi-TDL Network Executive Course

JDNSC - Joint Domain Network Fundamentals (1 week-- Live Online)

Joint Interoperability Division Smart Sheet


CY24 Joint Training Course Schedule

CY23 Joint Training Course Schedule

Joint Knowledge Online Course (J3O-US1380 - Introduction to Joint Multi-TDL Network (MTN)) is required prior to the JT-102, 201 and 301/310 course

Course Requests
Send request via email to JID-TC organization email at js.bragg.j7.mbx.jid-workflow@mail.mil

Reference Material List

Air Force Manual 13-116, Nuclear, Space, Missile, or Command and Control Operations

CJCSI 3115.03 Vol III JDNO Operations - JICO

CJCSI 6232.01E – Link 16 Spectrum Deconfliction

CJCSI 6240.01E – Responsibilities for JTO Interface Training Program

CJCSI 6241.04C – Policy/Procedures for Management and Use of United States Message Text Formatting (USMTF)

CJCSM 6520.01B - Link 16 Joint Key Management Plan


Contact numbers:

For general information call DSN 424-7537 or Comm (910) 394-7537

For school quotas and MTT requests call DSN 424-1102 or Comm (910) 394-1102