Army Approved CSPs:

Visit your local TAP office for enrollment assistance. You can also email

 and a CSP team member will assist you. 

DoD SkillBridge Programs and/or Individual Internships: 

Visit the Fort Liberty CSP office or email the CSP inbox for installation specific processes. Complete the documents and steps below. 

To start with your application process, please contact the CSP office to receive the documents below. These documents will require you, your training provider, legal and Chain of Command to fill out, review/provide feedback and or endorsements:  

1.       CSP Individual Internship Agreement - For the Service Member and the training provider to complete.   

2.      CSP Participant Agreement  - On this form the service member will acknowledge and agree to the Career Skills Program guidelines.   

-       If administrative absence is required, an approved IPPS-A leave form will accompany the packet. 

****Ensure that IPPS-A leave form is signed and dated. Make sure the dates match on every form.   

3.      CSP Participation Memo - For the Service Member and Chain of Command to complete. Please ensure that signatures are digital - if a block is hand signed, the CSP office will need to email the signer to verify hand signatures.   

4.      DD 2648 eForm - Follow "TAP eForm instructions" to obtain your eForm  or draft eForm. 

if service member has not completed all classes it will say draft all over it. This document contains the completed/scheduled mandatory TAP workshops. 

  ****Do no use outdated version, but you can use draft version.   

From start to finish, follow the following process:   

1.     Service Member will reach out to the program manager/employer to obtain an acceptance memo for the program, and will email the acceptance memo to the CSP office to start their packet process.

 2. Fort Liberty CSP provides the necessary documents and guidance to Service Member.   

3.      Service Member and training provider complete the following documents:   

-       CSP Individual Internship Agreement*   

-       CSP Participant Agreement   

4.      Service Member completes his/her portion of the CSP Participation Memo, and then the service member will push it through to their chain of command. (COC signature is typically the longest part of this process)   

5.      Service Member compiles all required documents to include IPPS-A leave form if administrative absence is required.  

6.      Service Member sends packet to their Unit or Brigade JAG for a legal review.  

7.      Service Member sends their packet with Command, Program Manager, and Legal signatures to the Fort Liberty CSP office. The CSP office will sign and then forward these documents to IMCOM for final review and IMCOM signature. (Takes 1-3 business days)   

8.      Once the packet is reviewed and all signatures are obtained, CSP will email a copy to the service member for his/her records, and will copy the program manager as well to let the program manager know that the packet is complete and the Service Member is ready to go.  

During the internship, participants are reminded that Chain of Command is responsible for creating an accountability plan. Participants are to report all changes, issues and concerns to command and Fort Liberty CSP office to include completion/release from the internship.   

The following statement must be included on the new IPPS-A leave form requesting administrative absence to participate in a CSP: "This absence is not directed by any official of the U.S. Government. I cannot conduct public business under this authorization. Accordingly, I will not be entitled to reimbursement for travel, per diem, or any other expenses. I may end this absence by returning to my unit and signing in, either before or on the projected ending date."   

Please do not scan copy, or send a packet with wet signatures. The CSP office needs digital signatures from each party who is signing. I have attached 4 documents, which means you need to return 4 documents back to my office (Plus the IPPSA leave form if necessary. If you don't need an IPPS-A leave form then ignore that document). 

The Agreement for Army CSP Individual Internship _ Approved DoD SkillBridge Program has four parts:

Part I - Soldier enters their information as well as an overview of the company and information about the proposed internship and any training specifics.  The company may be able to assist with this information.  Additional information can be included as an attachment. 

Part II - The provider/agency POC will sign.  In the drop-box at the top select either “Individual Internship” or “Soldier Requesting to Attend Approved DoD SkillBridge Program”.  Once selected, verbiage will populate in the field below stating that the provider agrees to the Army CSP policy. 

Part III - Send the packet and supporting documentation to the local unit JAG for a legal review. 

                  *Check with your local TAP office for installation routing procedures. 

Part IV - Send completed packet and supporting documentation to the Fort Liberty CSP office.  The CSP staff will send your packet to the Regional Coordinator, who will conduct the final review and provide a final signature.  

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