The purpose is to provide informative and up to date substance abuse prevention training for Soldiers, leaders, Civilian employees, and other groups upon request; assist commanders and unit prevention leaders with unit based substance abuse prevention programs; and provide information and awareness to the community by promoting substance abuse prevention campaigns throughout the year.

- Soldiers on the installation will receive at least one hour of the required four hours of substance abuse prevention training annually by an ASAP instructor, and the remaining three hours will be provided by the unit prevention leader.
- Civilian supervisors and employees will receive training about signs and symptoms of substance abuse and substance abuse trends in conjunction with information regarding the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
-Members of the military community will gain awareness of the abuse of alcohol and other substances by promoting special emphasis campaigns such as Alcohol Awareness Month, Red Ribbon Week, and Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month.

To schedule training
To schedule substance abuse prevention training for military units or other organizations on the installation, please call (910) 396-4100, option 4.

Other services available
- Pamphlets and posters are available to assist with unit or other organizational prevention programs on the installation.
- Alcohol breathalyzers are available for sign out to assist unit commanders in randomly checking Soldiers during unannounced unit inspections and fitness for duty testing.
- Prevention displays may be set up during deployment and resiliency fairs on Fort Liberty, as well as, during prevention fairs at off-post agencies.