Army retirement services has returned to in-person Retirement Planning Briefing, and the Department of The Department of the Army (DA) Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Briefing. 

The Fort Liberty Retirement Services office will host a Retirement Planning Briefing on the 4th Tuesday of each month located at the Pope Field Training Annex BLDG 372 Virgin St. The briefing starts at 0900 hrs. ends at 1200 hrs. Soldiers who have submitted retirement packets will have priority seating.

The Survivor Benefits Plan briefing will be “scheduled” by the Soldiers assigned Pre-Retirement Counselor following submission of their Retirement Packet.


Retirement Ceremony POCs:

82ND Airborne Division, G-1:  (910) 908-6380

XVIII Airborne Corps:  (910) 396-2524