U.S. Army Forces Command

Phone: (910) 570-7985
Email: usarmy.bragg.forscom.mbx.usarc-stb-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: FORSCOM Sponsor

U.S. Army Reserve Command

Phone: (910) 570-7985 or (910) 303-9165
Email: usarmy.bragg.forscom.mbx.usarc-stb-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: USARC Sponsor

United States Army Special Operations Command

Phone: (910) 432-6005
Email: USASOCHRC@ahqb.soc.mil
Sponsorship Information: USASOC Sponsor

1st Special Forces Command

Phone: (910) 908-7708/7721
Email: 1SFC_Newcomers@socom.mil
Sponsorship Information: 1st SFC Sponsor

4th MISG, 1st SFC
Email: usarmy.bragg.4-misg.mbx.unitsponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 1st SFC Sponsor

8th MISG, 1st SFC
Email: DL-8MISGS1@soc.mil
Sponsorship Information: 1st SFC Sponsor

528th Sustainment Brigade, 1st SFC
Email: 528th.SUSBDE.S1@soc.mil
Sponsorship Information: 1st SFC Sponsor

3rd Special Forces Group

Email: 3SFG_Sponsorship@socom.mil
Sponsorship Information: 3rd SFG Sponsor


Phone: (910) 396-1002
Email: sponsorswcs@ahqb.soc.mil
Sponsorship Information: SWCS Sponsor

Tenant Units

Womack Army Medical Center
Phone: 1-888-610-7420, press 3 then 2
Email: usarmy.bragg.medcom-wamc.mbx.trp-cmd-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: WAMC Sponsor

Dental Activity
Phone: 1-888-610-7420, press 3 then 1
Email: usarmy.bragg.medcom-wamc.mbx.dentac-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: DENTAC Sponsor

NCO Academy
Phone: (910)396-7177 or (910)643-8325
Email: usarmy.bragg.xviiith-abn-corps.list.ncoa-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: NCO Academy Sponsor

U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Management
Phone: (910) 396-8549
Email: usarmy.bragg.usasac.list.satmo-s1@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: U.S. Army SATMO Sponsor

406th Army Field Support Brigade
Phone: (910) 432-2878
Email: usarmy.bragg.406-afsb.mbx.406th-afsb-s1-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 406th AFSB Sponsor

419th Contracting Support Brigade
Phone: (910) 396-8953 or (910) 907-5657
Email: usarmy.bragg.acc-micc.mbx.419-csb-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 419th CSB Sponsor

XVIII Airborne Corps Units

XVIII Airborne Corps Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion
Phone: (910) 396-6121
Email: usarmy.bragg.xviiith-abn-corps.list.xviii-abn-corps-hhbn-sponsor@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: HHBN Sponsor

82nd Airborne Division
Phone: (910) 432-1905
Email: usarmy.bragg.82-abn-div.mbx.hhbnsponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: HHBN, 82nd Airborne Div. Sponsor

3rd Infantry Division
Phone: (912) 767-9411 or (912) 767-7874
Email: usarmy.stewart.usag.mbx.dhr-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 3rd ID Sponsor

10th Mountain Division
Phone: (315) 772-9095
Email: usarmy.drum.imcom-atlantic.mbx.dhr-hq-mpd@mail.mil.
Sponsorship Information: 10th Mountain Div. Sponsor

101st Airborne Division
Phone: (270) 798-5180
Email: usarmy.campbell.imcom-atlantic.mbx.dhr-mpsd-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 101st Airborne Div. Sponsor

3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command
Phone: (910) 396-1534
Email: usarmy.bragg.3-esc.mbx.g1-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 3rd ESC Sponsor

16th Military Police Brigade
Phone: (910) 907-1936
Email: usarmy.bragg.16-mp-bde.mbx.16th-mp-bde-s1@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 16th MP Bde. Sponsor

7th Transportation Brigade (Expeditionary)
Phone: (757) 878-3715
Sponsorship Information: 7th Trans. Bde. Sponsor

18th Field Artillery Brigade
Phone: (910) 849-5589
Email: usarmy.bragg.18-fires-bde.mbx.18th-fires-brigade-s1@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 18th FA Sponsor

44th Medical Brigade
Phone: (910) 396-5040 or (910) 907-3431
Email: usarmy.bragg.44-med-bde.list.44th-medical-bde-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 44th Med. Bde.

20th Engineers Brigade
Phone: (910) 396-1510
Email: usarmy.bragg.20-eng-bde.list.s1@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 20th Eng. Bde. Sponsor

35th Signal Brigade
Phone: (910) 396-9027
Email: usarmy.gordon.35-sig-bde.list.35th-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 35th Sig. Bde. Sponsor

525th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade
Phone: (910) 396-6107/3259
Email: Usarmy.bragg.525-e-mib.mbx.sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 525th E-MI Bde. Sponsor

82nd Airborne Division

82nd Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion
Phone: (910) 908-0550
Email: usarmy.bragg.82-abn-div.mbx.hhbnsponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 82nd HHB Sponsor

1st Brigade Combat Team
Phone: (910) 907-2562
Email: usarmy.bragg.82-abn-div-1-bct.mbx.sponsorship-bragg@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 1st BCT Sponsor

2nd Brigade Combat Team
Phone: (910) 908-7256/ 3777
Email: usarmy.bragg.82-abn-div-2-bct.mbx.2bct-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 2nd BCT Sponsor

3rd Brigade Combat Team
Phone: (910) 432-3469/8734
Email: usarmy.bragg.82-abn-div-3-bct.mbx.s1-sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 3rd BCT Sponsor

82nd Combat Aviation Brigade
Phone: (910) 432-8526
Email: usarmy.bragg.82-cavn-bde.mbx.82nd-cab-sponsorship-program-manage@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 82nd CAB Sponsor

82nd Sustainment Brigade
Phone: (910) 396-8770
Email: usarmy.bragg.82-sust-bde.mbx.sponsorship@mail.mil
Sponsorship Information: 82nd Sust. Bde. Sponsor

82nd Airborne Division Artillery
Phone: (910) 908-4688
Sponsorship Information: 82nd DIVARTY Sponsor