IMCOM is the critical command that keeps the Army going on a day-to-day basis. We set the conditions for a trained and ready force such as maintaining the ranges and overseeing the training facilities. Get an overview in this command video. (Courtesy video by IMCOM PAO; above photo by Neal Snyder, IMCOM PAO)

Mission: The U.S. Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM) integrates and delivers base support to enable readiness for a globally-responsive Army.

Vision: Innovative professionals committed to effectively delivering services and facilities for our Army.

History: The U.S. Army Installation Management Command is one of the many success stories of Army transformation. In an effort to standardize its garrisons, the Army created the Installation Management Agency in October 2002. Using an enterprise approach, IMA removed the burden of base support from 15 major commands. This brought uniformity to the facilities and services of 184 installations, worldwide - and by 2006, this was accomplished with $4.5 Billion less than in 2003. After proven success, the Army transformed the agency into the Installation Management Command.
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