Iron Mike

Welcome to the Fort Liberty Training Support Center. The goal of the TSC is to provide the best training support services to America’s finest Soldiers.

Our mission is to manage all Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADSS) within Fort Liberty and the AR 350-38 Area of Responsibility (AOR). To provide TADSS equipment, training and training support to all active Army, National Guard, Reserve Components, and ROTC units located within the AR 350-38 AOR. Develop and maintain a customer-oriented culture, set expectations of quality, provide a motivating climate and help solve problems.


The TSC has two Classrooms that can be reserved for training. Each classroom can accommodate 60 personnel and has an overhead projector, a screen, and two mounted televisions. There is also internet capability in the classrooms. If needed, the classrooms can be combined to hold 120 personnel. The TSC also has a conference room available that can accommodate up to 20.

To schedule a classroom, please contact 910-908-2487.

Quick Reference

Training Support Officer (910) 396-9007
Inventory Management Specialist (910) 432-0798
Warehouse Manager (910) 396-2023
TADSS Instructor Supervisor (910) 908-2835
MILES Instructor (315) 777-6569
Virtual Simulation Scheduler (910) 908-2487
Warehouse Service Counter (910) 396-5594
Warehouse Service Counter (910) 396-9019
Virtual Training Facility (910) 643-9597