Fort Liberty Qualified Recycling Program


Qualified Recycling Program

The Department of Defense (DoD) has implemented a goal to divert 40% of its solid waste from incineration and landfilling.  The Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) mission is to reclaim and divert materials from the solid waste stream, increase recovery of recyclable materials, while minimizing the costs of solid waste disposal and sustaining our environmental future.

Electronics Guidance NOTICE

All government electronics must be turned in through appointment to DLA.

The DPW, Qualified Recycling Program stopped accepting any personally owned electronics as of 9/23/2021 to become compliant with regulations.

The DPW, Qualified Recycling Program is prohibited from accepting “Any” electronics to include personally owned electronics per DoDI 4715.23, 32 CFR 172, and DoDM 4160.21

Electronics include; Electrical and electronic items and components ( e.g., computers, monitors, cell phones, fax machines, printers, keyboards, docking stations, speakers, televisions, audio equipment, gaming consoles).

Please use the attached guidance for proper turn in or recycling opportunities.

   Electronics Guidance



Recycle Facility Accepted Recyclables

  • Plastic Bottles

    Plastic Bottles

  • Aluminum Cans

    Aluminum Cans

  • Shredded Paper

    Shredded Paper

  • Cardboard


  • Glass Bottles

    Glass Bottles

  • Printer Cartridges

    Printer Cartridges

  • Lead Acid Batteries

    Lead Acid Batteries

Lamont Landfill Accepted Recyclables

  • Passenger Tires (Non Mil)

    Passenger Tires (Non Mil)

  • Wires


  • Yard Waste

    Yard Waste

  • Pallets


  • Scrap Steel

    Scrap Steel

  • Scrap Aluminum

    Scrap Aluminum

  • White Goods (Freon removed)

    White Goods (Freon removed)

  • Cardboard


Moving Box Exchange

The QRP offers packing boxes and packaging material on a first-come, first-serve basis to anyone in need.  The service is FREE

Turn In:  Boxes and packaging supplies (in GOOD condition) can be turned in to the Recycle Facility during operational hours.  Please have boxes borken down flat and packaging material in separate box(es).  A Recycle Facility staff member will assist you in the drop off.

Picking Up: Boxes and packaging supplies can be picked up at the Recycle Facility during operational hours.  Please inquire at the Recycle Facility and a staff member will assist you.

Donation Services

Donation services are available on the installation and in the surrounding community.  

Gently used personal property (no gov't owned property) can be taken to the following locations:

Donation Locations

Recycling Incentives Program

The QRP offers an incentive-based recycling program for units, directorates, and tenants.  The Recycling Incentives Program (RIP) provides a DFMWR voucher in exchange for contributions of eligible recyclable material.

Eligible recyclable material includes: aluminum cans, plastic bottles, shredded office paper, and cardboard.

Current disbursements for materials are as follows: aluminum equals $1/lb.; plastics equal 50 cents/lb.; shredded paper and cardboard equal $25/2000lbs.

The RIP tracks the weights of the materials and distributes quarterly with a $100 DFMWR voucher threshold.  If you do not meet or exceed the threshold, the amount in the account will roll over into the next quarter.

The voucher is valid for use at any DFMWR facility.

For more information, please visit the RIP website.


Dumpster and Trash Service

For dumpster and trash services located on the installation (NOT including Family Housing), please contact Department of Public Works (DPW) at:

Office: (910) 908-4845 / (910)568-6849      E-mail:       Anthony Morris        

Family Housing Curbside Recycle & Trash

The curbside recycle and trash service provided in Family Housing is managed by Corvias.  For questions about recycle and trash services in Family Housing, please contact Corvias.