Fort Liberty's Unaccompanied Housing offers in-depth and interactive classes for barracks managers and company first sergeants in an effort to teach barracks management in accordance with the Army Barracks Management Barracks Program (ABMP) and how to use the eMH database program.   As per ABMP, barracks managers and company first sergeants are required to complete this training. 

Currently the classroom location is at Bldg 2-2020 Leadership Workforce Development Center (LWDC) on Woodruff Street. Currently our class size is limited to 15 students. Start time is 08:30 punctual and lasts about 4 hours.  Once you have submitted your reservation for a class, you will be emailed back with a class seat confirmation along with any follow-on instructions that will need to be completed prior to the class date.

To sign-up for a class (barracks managers and company first sergeants),

1. Complete the form below:

2. To ensure your eMH account is activated, you must first sign up for this training then request an eMH account. An active eMH account is required to attend the training.

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2023 Class Dates are as follows:
20 Sept 2023 CLASS IS FULL
4 Oct 23 IS FULL
18 Oct 23
1 NOV 23
22 NOV 23
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