• Leadership involved with home inspections

    Leadership involved with home inspections

  • Leadership conduct walkthroughs to ensure safe living conditions

    Leadership conduct walkthroughs to ensure safe living conditions

  • Leadership meeting with their Soldiers to help address housing issues they may have have

    Leadership meeting with their Soldiers to help address housing issues they may have have

Army Residential Communities Initiative

Fort Liberty's Army Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) is dedicated to building and providing quality privatized residential communities for Soldiers and their Families, including privatized housing for unaccompanied senior NCOs.

RCI is a branch of the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Housing Division, a Garrison element that provides oversight of Corvias , inspections, and is the Garrison advocate between service members and Corvias.

On-post residents who are experiencing concerns or issues that Corvias is unable to address, contact the DPW RCI Housing Manager at 910-303-0602, or a DPW Housing Advocate at (910) 908-4504.

Corvias  Plain Language Brief Plain Language Brief Information    

Corvias  Dispute Process - The Housing Services Office (HSO) will assist with a Corvias informal and formal dispute.    Please see guidance on process here.   DISPUTE PROCESS

Request an INFORMAL DISPUTE FORM to initiate the dispute.  Request an FORMAL DISPUTE FORM to initiate the dispute.   Dispute Forms must be received by our Housing Services Office Team to commence the process.

Where to place a work order, type of work order and who to contact:

What resident does:

  • Contact the maintenance work order hotline at (866) 206-1365
  • Submit a request online: Online Work Order
  • Contact or visit your neighborhood centers:
    - Corregidor, 301 N. Doughterty Drive, (910) 497-6255
    - Casablanca,  625 S Lucas Drive , (910)  495-0120
    - Ste Mere Eglise,  7905 Sicily Drive, (910) 497-0510
    - Nijmegen, 2 Douve Place, (910) 436-4743
    - Hammond Hills, 70 Bastogne Drive, (910) 436-4066
    - Ardennes/ Pope/ Bataan, 101 Varsity Street, (910) 436-6054
    - Normandy/ Bastogne Gables, 27 Hunt Street, (910) 436-3125
    - Linden Oaks Lodge, 1 Hilltopper Street, (910) 764-5000
    - Linden Oaks Clubhouse, 2 Duplin Street, (910) 764-4932
    - Randolph Pointe, 2850 Compass Court, (910) 764-5008

What Corvias does:

Corvias categorizes the request by work order type:

  • Emergency 1, 2, 3:
    - Emergency 1 includes fires or watrer leak flooding the home. Response time one hour or less.
    - Emergency 2 includes electrical problems or rozen water line. Response time four hours or less
    - Emergency 3 includes broken glass or oven not working. Response time eight hours or less.
    Emergency completion time within 24 hours.
  • Urgent: This includes cracked glass/windows, faucet, and dishwater leaks. Worker order completion within 48 hours.
  • Routine/Preventative: Includes replacing blinds, tree trimbing or hard-to-reach light bulbs. Response within three days; complete within six days.

What DPW Housing does:

DPW Housing is the advocate between service members and Corvias. We provide oversight of Corvias and ensure quality control/quality assurance of overall housing. If you have concerns about your experience with Corvias, let a DPW Housing advocate know.

Contacting DPW for a Self-Install Fence (Dig Permit) after Corvias approval:

(910) 396-0321

Resident Feedback:

Are you satisfied/dissatisfied? Was the housing issue resolved? Contact Corvias to check on the status of your work order.

Point of Contact for Unresolved Issues:

If you still have concerns after placing a work order and Corvias is unable to address the issue, contact DPW Housing at the following:

  • DPW Family Housing (RCI) office line at (910) 303-0602
  • The 24/7 DPW Housing Advocate line at (910) 908-4504


Mayoral Program Application: