Weapons Registration

All firearms brought onto the installation will be registered within 24 hours with the DES/Physical Security Division, Department of the Army Security Guard Visitor Control Center (VCC) IAW AR 190-11 and FL Reg 190-11-1. (Note: Firearms will not be transported inside the registration building)

Soldiers certify by signing block 13 and block 18 on page two of FL 190-11-1A, that they have received appropriate safety training on the use and storage of the firearm and that they are knowledgeable of federal, state, local laws, or ordinances concerning the possession, use, and transportation of the firearm. (Must submit pages one and two; see instructions on page three). Authorized dependents will require sponsor's signature and commander's approval.

Registration may be completed:

  • Manually
    Complete the Fort Liberty Firearms Registration Form and hand carry to the Visitor Control Center (VCC) located at: Bldg. 3550 All American Freeway (910) 432-8193, Sunday-Saturday, 5 a.m. until 9 p.m...

  • Automated
    Digitally sign and send an encrypted e-mail with the completed Fort Liberty Firearms Registration Form to the following email:


    Once completed, the owner will receive registration via return email.

    Weapons Transportation

    Privately-owned firearms will be transported in vehicles only while traveling in a direct route to-and-from hunting areas, dog training areas, target ranges, or other locations authorized by the Fort Liberty Senior Commander. No stops are authorized.

    The carrying of a loaded firearm in a vehicle is prohibited at all times on a Federal installation.

    Privately-owned firearms carried in a vehicle will be secured in the trunk. For vehicles without a trunk, firearms will be encased in a container other than the glove compartment and carried in such a manner that they will not be readily available to the driver or passengers. Commercially-available trigger locks and other security devices are strongly recommended to deter and prevent loss and theft.

    If requested by installation Access Control Point Security Officer and law enforcement personnel, individuals will present their registration documentation when the firearm is out of an approved storage location and being transported on the installation.

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