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Police Records Section ensure that police-related records and reports are properly stored and disseminated within legal and policy guidelines for LE-related information.  All requests for Police Services will be done electronically per the below guidance.  The Police Records Section completes Background Checks and facilitates Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for copies of reports.

Memorandum for All Personnel Requesting Remote Assistance from Police Services

 Guidance for obtaining background checks and reports: 


1.  All form requests and supporting documentation (if required) will be sent to:


** NOTE:  This e-mail box won’t accept encrypted e-mail.  If you need to send data encrypted due to PII constraints or e-mail accounts that block PII (i.e.,  We recommend using the DOD SAFE APP at to drop off the file(s).  Note: be sure to send the decryption phrase if encryption option is selected.  If you have a problem accessing this site, please contact us and we can push a file request to you. ***


 2.  Proof of identity is required if sending from other than a government e-mail account (i.e., g-mail/AOL. Mail/Google/Yahoo/etc.)  Include a copy of your Driver’s License with your request.


3.  Forms will be accepted as a pdf digitally signed or hand signed and scanned.  They must be sent as an attachment.  The only link accepted is the DOD SAFE APP

4.  All completed forms (except FOIA Requests) will be returned via e-mail of the sender.  FOIA Requests will be forwarded to the FOIA office for processing and release.  The estimated turn time is 1-3 business days.  If you have not received a reply within 3 business days, please contact our office at 910-396-6130, 907-4085, or 907-4079 for additional information.

5.  Downloadable forms are available using the links below:

Fort Liberty Local Name/Background Check (click here)
*Used for UPL, SHARP, school volunteer, general purpose, etc.
                               *Complete Section 2 and send in (DO NOT sign the bottom)

              Law Enforcement Report Request Form [FOIA Request] (click here)
*For non-official requests for police reports include proof of identity or 3rd party release                                                                 *For official requests (CDRs, Legal POCs, LOD Investigators) should provide authorization memo or                                             appointment orders in order to obtain an unredacted copy of a report)

               DA Form 7708 - Personnel Reliability Screening and Evaluation Background Check (click here)
*Used for Arms Room, as directed per unit