Engagement Skills Trainer

Engagement Skills Trainer (EST)

ESTThe Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) is a laser-based unit, indoor, multipurpose arms trainer for individual and crew served weapons. The system displays targets, terrain, and weapon effects in a real time presentation on a screen 26 feed from the firer. The firing soldier experiences an approximation to the actual weapon's sound, weight, and recoil. The system provides training for marksmanship, static unit collective training, shoot-don't-shoot judgments, and provides extensive after-action review support. The following weapons are available: M16, M4, M2, MK19, M249, M240B, M320, M1200, and M136 weapon systems.


All training is scheduled through RFMSS <–click here



The EST requires a certified operator. The unit will not be allowed to run EST without their operator present. The unit has two hours from scheduled start time to occupy the trainer. After that time the trainer is available to other units. The max number of personnel we can train in a single 8-hr work-day is approximately 80.


Operators must be in the rank of Corporal or above. The course is a walk-in two-day course that will be based on a first-come basis, up to 10 students. The course is held at the Training Support Center, Bldg A-5514. The schedule is as follows: the 1st & 3rd week, the course is held Monday-Tuesday. The 2nd & 4th week, the course is held Wednesday-Thursday. The first Monday of the month will determine the first week of the month.