Call for Fire Trainer

Call For Fire Trainer (CFFT)

CFFTThe CFFT is a procedural trainer designed to provide basic instructions and sustainment training to the qualified observer. It is an observed fire training system that will fulfill the need for observed fire training and supports all fire missions; capable of depicting the use of all current and future munitions and used to train all soldiers regardless of MOS. It simulates artillery, mortar and other fires on stationary and moving targets.


All training and certification is scheduled through RFMSS. <–click here


The CFFT requires a certified operator and the unit will not be allowed to run CFFT without their operator present. The unit has two hours from scheduled start time to occupy the trainer. After that time the trainer is available to other units.


Operators must be in the rank of E5 or above. The maximum class size is 10, the minimum is 3.