Welcome to the Civilian Employee One-Stop Shop

The goal of the One-Stop Shop is to provide the civilian workforce with one site to access useful and relevant information. The website will highlight upcoming events, as well as information regarding training, schools, and professional development opportunities.  Our goal is to provide Army professionals with access to valuable and meaningful training that is beneficial to workforce development and career progression. 

As we continue to build the workforce development program, we will use this site to provide information about local and DoD wide programs to include Local Development Assignment opportunities, mentor programs, job shadow opportunities, and a professional development training series. The workforce development program will foster a culture of growing talent from within, preparing employees to face future readiness challenges. 

We strive to build an organization that fosters a community of professional development and lifelong learner mindset, as well as adaptive and agile leaders who promote a culture of coaching and mentoring.  We encourage all civilian employees to take advantage of the professional development opportunities as they become available. As we work to promote learning that meets the needs of the workforce, we also ask for constructive feedback, so we can continue to build a program that benefits all civilian employees. 


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