Habitat and Range:

  • Found in open fields and open woods in loose sandy or rocky soils.
  • Does not grow well in areas shaded by taller plants.
  • Currently found along the Coastal Plain and lower piedmont of North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.
  • Only 26 populations exist in the world, 8 are found on Fort Liberty and Camp Mackall.


  • Latin name Rhus michauxii
  • A member of the cashew family and a non-poisonous relative of poison ivy.
  • A short, woody shrub with small greenish-yellow to white flowers. Flowers are densely clustered at the top of the stem.
  • Flowers in bloom in June and then develop into red fruits.
  • Each leaf has 9-13 leaflets on a red leaf stem.
  • Entire plant is densely covered with tiny hairs.
  • Grows 1-3 feet tall.

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