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    Barracks Inspections

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    Barracks on Fort Liberty

  • Leadership discuss ways to improve and correct barracks living conditions for Soldiers

    Leadership discuss ways to improve and correct barracks living conditions for Soldiers

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    Unaccompanied Housing

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    Fort Liberty, N.C.

What is Unaccompanied Housing?

Unaccompanied Housing (UH) is a branch in the Directorate of Public Works Housing Division, which is an element of Fort Liberty Garrison. UH is dedicated to providing suitable and safe living quarters for single Soldiers. We ensure newly-constructed buildings and renovations meet Army requirements and are outfitted with furnishings, fixtures, and equipment to meet Soldiers' needs. 

Army Barracks Management Program on Fort Liberty:

 Fort Liberty's Unaccompanied Permanent Party Housing is managed by each unit.  This Housing division provides, training, oversight, and assistance to the units.  This Housing Division also manages the approval of accounts for the Enterprise Military Housing (EMH) data base, monitors the electronic key system, and Certificate of  Non-Availability (CNAs) process.


Fort Liberty barracks rooms are fully furnished and are pet and smoke free. Cable television and high-speed internet services can be procured by residents under subscription with Spectrum or the wireless WIFI by BOINGO.


Bona fide single Soldiers in the ranks of private (E-1) through sergeant (E-5) are required to live in the barracks. Meaning either (a) without dependents and (b) with dependents, but without custody. Unaccompanied Soldiers married to another Service member on separate tours will be assigned to housing on the same basis as unmarried personnel. A CNA will be issued when Service members enrolled in the Married Army Couples Program are assigned to the same installation within 120 days of each other to establish a common household or joint domicile.

Certificate of Non-Availability

Certificate of Non-Availability (CNAs). The Fort Liberty Garrison Commander and Chief of Housing are the approving authority to issue a CNA to soldiers who are required to reside in the barracks. Unit leaders cannot direct a soldier to move off post with the promise of obtaining a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). Soldiers should contact the Housing Services Office to obtain assistance in procuring housing before entering into a lease agreement.


Please reference Army Regulation 420-1 Army Facilities Management for regulations regarding Certificates of Non-Availability.   A CNA is only for single Soldiers living in the barracks who are E-5 and below.     

If you feel you qualify for an exception to policy, complete a CNA/ETP Process form below or email the CNA Team at   usarmy.liberty.usag.mbx.dpw-uh-cna@army.mil or can contact our CNA POC for more information 910- 396-3745 (CNA).

Paper CNA/ETP forms are also for pickup in the Housing Services Office.  A CNA representative will contact you for more information upon submission.



Units manage initial and annual inventory of furniture, and update hand receipts at the Furniture Management Warehouse (FMO). The Company Commander or a designated unit representative is the primary hand receipt holder for all furnishings in their barracks building. It is the unit's responsibility to inform FMO of lost or damaged furnishings.

The furniture contractor upon request by unit can provide onsite direct exchange of unserviceable furniture, mattress and appliances. Before furniture exchange, the Company Commander must establish an account. They must provide the following:   Assumption of Command Orders, DA Form 1687, DA Form 2062 (Hand receipt).  FMO can assist the unit to ensure all replacement furniture is scanned and uploaded to the appropriate room in eMH.  Please make an appointment for any furniture exchanges with furniture contacts.

NOTE: Furniture hand receipt holder must clear their hand receipt 30 days prior to leaving the position.  The outgoing and incoming Commander must transfer responsibility. FMO Warehouse is located at J-2535 with operating hours from 0730-1550 Monday through Friday.

Furniture Contacts:

Luis Lopez

Army Housing Manager, Furniture Management Office, COR



Monique Leathers

Army Housing Manager, Furniture Management Office




April Stanley

UPH Program Manager/ Contractor

1637 Cook Drive

Bldg. J-2535, Bay #3

Comm: 910.396.9892



Corry Brooks

UPH Warehouse Supervisor / Alternate PM

1637 Cook Drive, Bldg. J-2535, Bay #3

Comm: 910.396.6716, 910.908.1820, 910.396.8188



Marcus Gwynn

J-2535 Cook St





Privacy Act Statement - Authority: DA Pam 420-06, AR 420-1. Principal Purpose: To obtain information necessary for an exception to Fort Liberty housing policy. Routine Use: Information will be used by DPW and its contractors as needed. In addition, any of the DoD “Blanket Routine Uses at http://privacy.defense.gov/blanket_uses.shtml may apply. Disclosure: Voluntary. Not providing information will limit the ability of DPW to respond to the issue. Note that service orders may be initiated via email, telephone or in person.
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