Service Orders (DMO) Online Submission FAQ


These are issues that, if not addressed quickly, may be a hazard to human life, health, and safety or will cause significant damage to a facility or infrastructure.

Examples of emergency issues include gas, oil, or steam leaks; heat or air conditioning failure in barracks; total building power failure; fire protection/fire hazards; and stopped-up sewer; etc.

Estimated Response time: 1-24 hours

*** Priority 1:  Emergencies (including night, weekends, and holidays), must be phoned in.   Call (910) 396-0321 or (910) 396-0322 for the DPW on-call officer and/or swift response to service request.***


PRIORITY 2: URGENT     (submit in ARMA)

This category includes work required to correct a condition which could become an emergency, waste resources, or cause discomfort or inconvenience to the customer.

Examples of urgent issues include inoperable emergency or exit lighting; inoperable plumbing or drainage; and per room, air conditioning failure in common areas; etc.

Estimated Response time:  7 days



These issues are a low priority and will be performed after higher priority service orders are completed.

Examples of routine issues include broken windows; broken fixtures; pothole repairs; and roof leaks; etc.

Estimated Response time: 30 days

*** is the online platform to submit and track service requests.