Conducts installation physical security inspections, staff assistance visits, and surveys in accordance with regulatory guidance. Advises commanders, directors, and unit personnel on all physical security requirements. Conducts preoccupancy inspections of new and leased facilities. Assists with deployment / redeployment assistance in support of mission requirements. Determines facility entry control requirements for MEVA / HRT. Conducts MILCON reviews of DD 1391 requirements and attends planning charrettes. Maintains restricted area designated facility list. Advises and coordinates with Anti-Terrorism and Garrison ATO.

Inspector Point of Contacts:

Inspector 910-396-9850

Inspector 910-396-1962

Inspector 910-396-4716

Inspector 910-432-5316

Inspector 910-396-1272

Inspector 910-432-5279

Inspector 910-396-9109

Check List

FB Reg 190-13-1

Ammo License Example Packet

Arms Room Relocation / Close out Procedures

Crime Prevention Program Packet