To protect Soldiers, Family Members, civilians, and resources by minimizing risks through assimilation, and effective education, evaluation, and implementation of physical security, crime prevention and force protection.



The Fort Liberty Installation Physical Office (PSO) provides risk assessments, program compliance inspections, access control, intrusion detection design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring. The PSO assists Soldiers, Family Members, and DOD civilians in the protection, physical security and loss prevention of personnel, assets, resources, weapons and equipment while maintaining liaison with Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies in support of contingency operations and Force Protection.

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Compliance Branch

Conducts installation physical security inspections, staff assistance visits, and surveys in accordance with regulatory guidance. Advises commanders, directors, and unit personnel on all physical security requirements. Conducts preoccupancy inspections of new and leased facilities. Assists with deployment / redeployment assistance in support of mission requirements. Determines facility entry control requirements for MEVA / HRT. Conducts MILCON reviews of DD 1391 requirements and attends planning charrettes. Maintains restricted area designated facility list. Advises and coordinates with Anti-Terrorism and Garrison ATO.


Inspector Point of Contacts:

  • 910-396-9850
  • 910-396-1272
  • 910-396-1962
  • 910-432-5279
  • 910-396-4716
  • 910-396-9109
  • 910-432-5316


Physical Security Regulations Information
FL 190-13-1

Check Lists
Ammo License Example Packet
Arms Room Relocation / Close out Procedures
Crime Prevention Training
Crime Prevention Program Packet


Training Section

Conducts Arms Room Operation Course (AROC) in order to provide personnel assigned with Arms, Ammunitions, and Explosives (AA&E) duties with familiarization of arms room procedures and operations in accordance with Army physical security regulatory requirements.

Conducts Physical Security Officer and Crime Prevention Officer Course (PSOCP) in order to assist the unit Physical Security Officer (PSO) and unit Crime Prevention Officer (CPO) with the understanding of physical security and crime prevention, governing regulations, polices/procedures, and planning in order to assist in the development and sustainment of effective unit physical security programs.

Point of Contact Numbers:

  • 910-396-1962
  • 910-396-9109

The Arms Room Operators Course (AROC) will be held on the first Wednesday of the following months at 0900 and 1300 hours:


AROC Course Slides
PSOC Course Slides

*Note: Please print course slides and bring to class in order to take notes and retain as reference material

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