Deserter Apprehension Team

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The deserter apprehension team conducts investigations of absent without leave (AWOL)/deserter personnel; receives verifies and process law enforcement report; esorts high risk prisoners; coordinates confinement to local civilian faclities; and conducts unit escort guard training.

Chaser / Escort training will be conducted every Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 0930 - 1130 and 1300 - 1500.  All attendees must schedule their attendance with DAT / AWOL Section prior to the scheduled training as not to overfill the class seats.  Units may coordinate group attendance on behalf of their Soldiers. 

Scheduling can be made by calling 910-728-2330 or their office number at 910-396-7504.

Hours: Monday - Friday 0700 -  1900. 

Location:  Law Enforcement Center, BLDG 2-5634 Stiner Road.