Today’s topic is PAGE LISTS.

Page lists are exactly what they sound like: lists of pages. On the entire website, we have hundreds of pages. The number grows as Public Affairs hears from garrison employees who need support promoting their programs and as YOU, the contributors, see the need for new pages for your organization.

When the site was built, we had about half as many pages as we do today. Let’s go a little further back in time to understand how this happened. Back in 2017, all the content from the old website was copied over to pages on the IEW site. As we did that, IMCOM told PAO that space was limited and we needed to cut about 75% of our content as we brought it over to the new site. So we did; we only began with the essentials. Fast forward to the summer of 2018, when yours truly got her hands on the website for the first time. We launched in October 2018 with the essentials. Our sitemap was pretty tight, and our list of services was good – but it was not all inclusive. For example, it didn’t have a page for the Vet Center; now we do.

Back in 2017 and 2018, there were two main types of page recipes: service type pages and directorate/office pages. These templates were built to include page lists of all the services (literally a list of All Services) we had available at that time. That’s why many of you today have lists of pages on the right column of your pages. Not everyone has this, but if you do – this is when your ears should perk up.

You have a decision to make: to keep or not to keep the page list of services. To keep gives the customer a chance to see other services on your page, which can be helpful, but it also increases scrolling. Remember, everything we’re learning here is intended to enable you to make your pages tighter and more attractive. To delete the page list will make your page tighter, but it might not be the right decision if your office wants the customer to see those other services without jumping around on the site.

If you want to keep it, that’s cool. Just make sure it is alphabetized and it’s pulling all service type pages from everywhere on the site. Originally, we could only have service type pages under All Services in the sitemap; now they can live anywhere. So just make sure you have those items checked in the page list so it is pulling everything in correctly.

If you want to delete the page list, I’m about to show you how. Go into edit mode on your page. Click the box, and select delete. Type a blurb about what you did in the Version Comments and THEN save your changes. Send the admin team an email with the homeadmin URL and say please publish. We will publish, and your page just got a whole lot shorter.

For those creative minds out there, YES you can built a page list for your child pages in your organization. Simply use the block type PAGE LISTS and play around with it. You can choose how the block is fed – by page type or location of pages in the sitemap. Example, recently the team stood up a few new pages that needed to pull child pages from the sitemap. We nested everything we wanted in the page list under that new parent page, populated the list and boom, there’s the list of pages. If you want to get really fancy, visit the webmaster hub and see the list of featured pages. If you want that for your page, I can show you how to do that. Reach out to me, and we’ll talk through it one-on-one.

Alright – that’s it for today. If you’re sitting there wishing we didn’t have to do this by video, pick up the phone and call me or one of the admins. We’ll talk you through it. You can also stop by Building 1010 wearing your PPE, please, and we can troubleshoot with you in person.

Deleting your page list is optional, but alphabetizing it is not. Everybody with a page list needs to do that piece. Thanks for tuning in today, and be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below!