The Armed Forces Wellness Center helps service members, retirees, their families, and civilian employees build and sustain good health. It empowers them to set their own health goals and achieve them, and addresses lifestyle change in areas that affect both short- and long- term health. AWC services strive to engage people in their "lifespace" - the places where they live, work, relax and rest.

The AWC is a U.S. Army Medical Command initiative overseen by the Army Public Health command, staffed by a nurse and health educators who deliver primary prevention programs (primary prevention occurs before disease, injury, or disability occurs). Referrals can be made to the AWC by medical providers or unit commanders. Self-referrals are always welcome, and can be made by contacting the AWC directly.

The AWC approach to service is holistic. AWC staff members take into account all of an individual's physical, psychological and social circumstances when providing services. A holistic approach is important, because a person's health cannot be fully addressed unless we consider the whole person.

AWC services are available in the following areas:

Health assessment review

Physical fitness

Healthy nutrition

Stress management

General wellness education

Tobacco education