The Combined Arms Center (CAC) educates, trains, and inspires the force by stewarding the profession, developing leaders, and driving change to create a Multi-Domain Operations capable Army by 2030.


To steward our profession by example and through modeling exceptional thinking, writing, and leading for our Army. 

As the Army’s Force Developer, be the driver of necessary change to build the Army’s MDO capable force that will fight and win on any future battlefield. 

Many hands, many minds, but one goal; the ability to drive change through teamwork, excellence, and commitment to all who serve.


The U.S. Army's Combined Arms Center (CAC). is a major subordinate headquarters of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. CAC has often been referred to as the "Intellectual Center of the Army". It is, in many regards, "home base" for the majority of field grade officers across the Army.

Since 1882, CAC and its predecessor organizations have been engaged in the primary mission of preparing the Army and its leaders for war. At present, this mission is divided between preparing the Army for the Global War on Terrorism and transforming it to meet future threats.

In order to accomplish these critical missions, CAC develops and integrates Army leader development, doctrine, education, lessons learned, functional training, training support, training development, and proponent responsibilities in order to support mission command and prepare the Army to successfully conduct unified land operations in a joint, inter-agency, inter-governmental, multinational environment.

Subordinate Units:

U.S. Army Combined Arms Center (CAC) - "Intellectual Center of the Army"
- Army University
- Army University Press
- Army Management Staff College (AMSC)
- Combined Arms Research Library (CARL)
- Command and General Staff College (CGSC)
- SHARP Academy