Alert! is the primary mass warning notification system here at USAG-KA. This includes all military, civilians, contractors, and dependents.
All DOD military and civilian personnel and contract support personnel whose normal place of duty is on a DOD installation or within a DOD facility, and are considered part of the primary population and are required to register in the Alert! System. These users must ensure that their personal contact information, including after-duty hours contact information is entered into the system and regularly updated.
Being we do not have cell service, cell and SMS devices are not used at this installation. All notifications are sent by computer popup (DoD domain only), Work Phone, Home Phone, Work Email, and Personal Email. 
All phone numbers must be commercial. Phone numbers here at USAG-KA are 808-580-XXXX. Please do not enter DSN numbers.
Follow the below instructions in order to register yourself and your family members.
If you DO have a CAC:
ØFrom your work computer, look for the blue ALERT icon on the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen. If you don’t see the blue ALERT icon on your computer, go to Login to self-registration. Click the DoD and All Services icon
ØAdd personal information. First and last names are required fields. CACEDIPI will populate automatically from the CAC. Rank is Optional.
ØAdd contact methods
ØAdd Military Location. Search “Kwajalein” and “USINDOPACOM – USAG Kwajalein” will populate.
ØAdd Command Structure. Search “W6ZAAA” and “Headquarters United States Army Garrison Kwajalein Atoll (W6ZAAA)” will populate.
ØAdd any other command structures you wish to receive messages from.
ØSave all work when prompted.
If you DO NOT have a CAC:
ØFor each individual, copy the below information into an email, fill out the information, and email to
Your HR or Leadership for tracking purposes (if applicable)
New or Update:
First Name:
Last Name:
Work Email:
Personal Email:
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
Dependent (Y/N):
Estimated Departure Date: 
ØUpdates are completed twice a month.
ØDon’t forget to email POCs when you have changes or when you depart island.
Alert! Help Desk:
Ø(866) 515-0551
Alert! Frequently Asked Questions:
ØWhat does Alert! use my information for?
Alert! stores your information for alerting purposes only.
ØHow many times does the system call per notification?
By default, the system will contact you three times unless a confirmation has been acknowledged. It is possible you may have confirmed through another method (i.e. email) and will still receive a phone call if that call was already sent.
ØI’m getting an error that says unable to save client record, or registration was unsuccessful.
Make sure you have completed all of the mandatory fields: first name, last name, valid phone number, email address and one non-dated association. If you are unable to find your military location (USAG RP), please contact the ALERT! Help Desk for assistance.