"Jekdon Wot ak Det, jemjera in aro ej non indreo.”
(Through rain or shine, we are in this together.)
If there is an emergency, stop and dial 911!
Do you know what emergency management is?
Emergency management is the process of preparing for, responding to, and recovering from all hazards that threaten USAG-KA and our community.
Are you, your family, and pets ready?
It’s important to know what you and your family will do before an emergency! One may hit our installation and community, and when they do, military and civilian organizations will respond, but it takes time to mobilize, and they will focus on the most critical needs first.
Failure to prepare can put yourself, your family and your property in jeopardy! It’s up to you. Prepare well by following these 3 steps.
Contact the Emergency Manager:
Joshua Snow
0700-1530, Tuesday-Saturday
Building 730 – Garrison HQ
Building 1071 – Emergency Operations Center
Garrison: 315-480-1304
EOC: 315-480-1544
Commercial: 808-580-XXXX
NIPR: joshua.m.snow6.civ@army.mil
Read more about the Geographical Data, Climate & Weather, and historical emergencies that have occurred on USAG-KA