In year 1, V Corps organizes, prepares, develops strategic understanding, establishes an enduring rotational HQ capability in Poland, and builds capability and capacity to shape, deter, fight, and win in Europe.

On Order, V Corps, alongside Allies and Partners, competes forward in Europe to promote interoperability, counter malign influence, and deter aggression. When directed, commands and controls Army, Joint, and Combined forces in response to crisis or, should conflict occur, fights and wins in large scale combat operations.
As America’s Forward Deployed Corps in Europe, our Soldiers, Airmen, Civilians, and Families are our key to success and empower us to adapt, innovate and drive change. We stand ready to compete in the contact layer, respond to crisis, and should conflict occur, fight and win multi-domain and large scale combat operations. Victory Soldiers will maintain a high state of physical, mental, spiritual, personal, and professional readiness. Through our humility, respect, teamwork, and strong leadership we will build long lasting relationships critical to the success of our mission.