Vaccination Info

  • The Fort Knox Vaccination Site, located in building 1747 on Famous 4th Division Road, is no longer operational.
  • All vaccinations have moved to the vaccination clinic inside Ireland Army Health Clinic and is available exclusively to TRICARE beneficiaries by appointment only.
  • IRAHC Vaccination Clinic appointments must be made by calling 502-626-7468 or visiting beginning Jan 18.
  • COVID vaccines for children under 18 years of age will be available Mondays and Fridays.
  • COVID vaccines for adults over the age of 18 will be available Tuesday-Thursday.
  • DA civilians and contractors can get their COVID vaccines at the Margetis Clinic by appointment only. Call 502-624-6236. 


The immunization Clinic will no longer be able to offer Pfizer vaccines to 12-17 year olds or adult family member beneficiaries unless you have already received your first dose and are in your waiting period, in which case you can finish out the series. Pfizer vaccines are currently being reserved for active duty service members only. If you are an adult family member and need to start your vaccination series or would like a booster, we will be able to offer you the Moderna vaccine. If you are 12-17 or an adult family member beneficiary that does not want the Moderna vaccine, you will have to receive your vaccination at another location on the economy. Pfizer for children ages 5-11 are not affected by this mandate.

To schedule a COVID vaccine appointment Tricare beneficiaries can call 502-626-SHOT (7468) or DA civilians and contractors can call 502-624-6236.

If you would still like to receive the Pfizer vaccine, you can search here for locations near you:


Is there a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines?

No. There is plenty of COVID-19 vaccine available for anyone who wishes to get vaccinated.

Why has our vaccine supply been restricted?

All available vials of the legacy Pfizer vaccine represent the only vaccine that can be used for the mandatory vaccination of service members. Production of the legacy Pfizer vaccine stopped in December of 2021 and the current supply in circulation is all that is available to the DoD, so we are reserving this product for the primary series in service members.

Why did Pfizer stop producing the legacy Pfizer vaccine?

The Pfizer "purple cap" vaccine (legacy) in stock is being phased out in favor of a new pre-mixed Pfizer "gray cap" vaccine that lasts longer at refrigerated temperatures. The pre-mixed vaccine does not currently meet the terms of the SECDEF and ASD(HA) memos for use as part of the DODs COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

What does this mean for beneficiaries?

  • Appointments for Pfizer that have already been booked are still valid and will be honored.
  • 5-11 year old COVID vaccine appointments are still available, as this is a different Pfizer product.
  • Currently published guidance states that MTFs and vaccination sites will offer and administer the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (purple cap), only to service members.
  • Everyone is reminded that the COVID-19 vaccine remains available through local off base providers and is authorized for beneficiaries and service members to reveive. Visit to find a location near you.
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Notable Updates

Nov. 7: Installation Health Protection Condition (HPCON) Level downgraded to A

The Installation Health Protection Condition (HPCON) level has been downgraded to A due to a community transmission rate of LOW. For more information, see the Understanding Health Protection Conditions (HPCON) link on the left. 


June 17: Update to COVID-19 transmission level

The CDC COVID-19 Community Transmission Level for the Fort Knox area is at "high." Personnel with questions should contact their supervisor.


May 23: Update to COVID-19 requirements

The CDC COVID-19 Community Transmission Level for the Fort Knox area is at "medium." Effective May 23, on-post units and organizations are resuming weekly COVID-19 testing of unvaccinated personnel physically working in their organization footprint on Fort Knox. Testing is not required for those personnel who are in a telework or remote work status, but they must provide a negative result from a test performed within 72 hours for entry into a Department of Defense facility. Personnel with questions should contact their supervisor.


March 4: Updated mask requirements on the installation

The senior commander, in concert with DoD and CDC guidance, has determined that masks will no longer be required on post effective Monday, March 7 due to the local CDC risk level change from HIGH to MEDIUM. However, masking will still be required at ALL medical facilities – Ireland Army Health Clinic, Margetis Clinic, Nelson Clinic, Jordan Dental Clinic and the Binter Street Pharmacy.T

Those who fall into the following categories should continue to wear masks, even at the MEDIUM level:

Those who are within 10 days of exposure to someone (in quarantine)

Those who tested positive and were released from isolation at day 5 must continue to wear a mask until day 10

Symptomatic individuals who are still waiting for their COVID-19 test to come back

Symptomatic individuals who are waiting for an appointment to see a provider or get tested

Those who are considered high risk/immunocompromised

Those instructed by their respective unit/org to continue wearing a mask

 ***Unvaccinated personnel*** DACs and Service Members must still be tested twice weekly to gain access to DoD facilities.  If their tests come back negative and they are not showing symptoms, “THEY DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR MASKS INDOORS”.   

All other health protection measures will remain in place at this time.

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HR - Work/Leave Flexibilities

Situations are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please get with your supervisor or commander for guidance.


Please click the following links for leave and telework information:



Left to individual commands.

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The below list provides answers to frequently asked questions on the use of masks and other public health measures required on military installations. Following current CDC guidelines is the baseline (on and off post). As conditions change, Public Health Officials, the DOD, and the Army will provide additional guidance to ensure we take appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of the force.

What is a shared outdoor space?

A shared outdoor space is any outdoor place where is it not possible to maintain six feet of social distance from other persons who are not members of your household. For the purpose of this guidance, a mask must be worn when you “can” maintain six feet of social distance but you, in fact, are not maintaining such distance, or reasonably anticipate that the minimum six feet will not be maintained at all times.

Is my on-post yard a shared outdoor space?

No. If persons other than family are in your yard, however, you must maintain six feet of social distancing.

Do I need to wear a mask outdoors when walking my dog, jogging, fitness walking, riding a bike, or conducting similar outdoor activity on-post?

No. Unless you cannot maintain six feet social distance from other persons who are not members of your household. If you cannot maintain social distance you must wear a mask.

Can I drive in my car on-post without wearing a mask?

Yes, provided you are in the car by yourself or only with members of your household.

Do I have to wear a mask inside an office at my place of duty?

Yes, unless you are able to work alone in an office with a closed door.

Do I have to wear a mask when conducting unit physical fitness training?

Yes. Unless you are maintaining six feet of social distance from other persons.

Do I need to wear a mask outdoors in a motorpool?

Yes, unless you are maintaining six feet of social distance.

Do I need to wear a mask when working in a cubicle?

Yes, because a cubicle does not have a door and floor-to-ceiling walls, as outlined in reference (b).

Do I need to wear a mask if working inside an open-bay operations center or other open work area?

Yes, because each work station does not have a door and floor-to-ceiling walls, as outlined in reference (b).

Do I need to wear a mask if I work in an open work area where employees are in compliance with CDC guidelines with regard to physical distancing and plexiglass?

Yes, unless each work station has a door and floor-to-ceiling walls, as outlined in reference (b).

Do I need to wear a mask in open work area where employees are in compliance with CDC guidelines with regard to physical distancing and minimum personal contact for times longer than 15-minutes?

Yes, unless each work station has a door and floor-to-ceiling walls, as outlined in reference (b).

Do I need to wear a mask in the commissary?


Do I need to wear a mask inside an AAFES or MWR retail or public services facility?


Do I need to wear a mask inside on-post gyms and other physical fitness centers?

Yes. These are considered workspaces.

May supervisors allow employees to take outdoor breaks during the work-day to remove their masks?

Yes. Supervisors can split paid breaks into multiple parts but extending paid breaks, or granting additional paid breaks, is not authorized.

Do the DOD and Army orders on mask wear apply to contractors in the work place?


Can I take my mask off in a designated smoking area in order to take a smoking break?

Yes, so long as you maintain six feet of social distance from other persons.

Should I wear a mask at an access control point?

You may remove your mask to extent necessary to identify yourself.

Do I need to wear a mask if I have had my COVID-19 vaccine?

There is no current exception for vaccinated personnel. You should follow CDC guidelines and the additional requirements referenced above for such mask wear.

Do I have to follow references a-c if I am not on a military installation and not performing official duties on behalf of the Department of Defense?

No, but USACC COVID-19 General Order #1 (reference d) requires service member’s compliance with CDC guidelines.

Are there any Exceptions to Policy?

No exceptions to policy are currently authorized. Reference (c) directs the Army to follow all DOD guidance on mask wear and states guidance on additional authority to grant exceptions to this policy will be published at a later date. Accordingly, the USACC G3 will publish any future exceptions to policy on mask wear for personnel assigned to Fort Knox, Kentucky via FRAGO.

The below list provides answers to additional frequently asked questions.

Is there a plan in place to address the backlog of medical appointments once Ireland returns to normal operations? Are mass medical events available to units to address audio/vision/immunization requirements tied to PHAs?

For the units on post, we are looking at several options, includingthe potential of operating the Soldier Readiness Processing site – possiblyevery weekday for several weeks as we have everything at that locationequipment-wise, and the expanse of that building helps with social distancing.

For backlog, we havebrought on additional providers recently. We do encourage beneficiaries to callfor virtual appointments now (and then once the provider team speaks to thepatient, if they need to be seen in person we bring them in). As we ease into openingaspects of our operations back up, we do anticipate an increase in certaintypes of appointments (physicals, well woman, school related for children orservice members as well as things people may have put off). Going forward, wewill maintain a strong – but certainly not exclusive – virtual component, whichcan often meet many of the needs of patients.

Are visitor passes still available at the Visitor Center?

Yes. The Visitor Center remains open normal hours, andpeople may use a kiosk or visit a manned window inside to obtain a pass. Remember, to enter, you must wear a clothface covering.

For more informationon the Visitor Center and visitor passes, simply click on “Gate Information” from the homepage.

If we go to HPCON DELTA, what does it mean for civilians living on post (specifically with no DOD affiliation)?

Up front, we have to be careful about proclaiming in “absolutes”what, precisely, would happen. Yes, theteam’s conducted a lot of planning, evaluated several considerations, and developed“ways ahead,” should we be directed to go to HPCON DELTA. But, several factors – including thesituation on the ground and higher headquarters directives – all play a part inwhat ultimately could transpire.

Having said that, while installation access would reasonablystand to be impacted (e.g., no visitors allowed, with limited exceptionsgranted on a case-by-case basis), it’s not our aim here locally to “lock down”the gates. So with that in mind, theidea is that on-post residents – regardless of affiliation – could stillultimately exit and enter post. Let’s be adults and smart about it,though. Travel at level DELTA needs tobe restricted to truly essential purposes.

Now, what this looks like is…
A) “Waterfall” residents would have a memo that they would present to the gateguard, along with their photo ID.

B) They, along with everyone else seeking installationentry, would undergo an initial screening (set of questions) by a gate guard.

C) If all is well, they’ll be permitted installationentry. Otherwise, they’ll undergo asecondary screening by medical personnel so that the most appropriatedetermination can be made (e.g., permitted installation entry, some type ofrestriction, etc.).

D) Brandenburg Gate would be the only one of the threeprimary access control points open, and its hours would change to 24/7.

Again, this is justpart of our developed plans, but people need to stay flexible. The bottom line is this: We’re focused on thesafety of those who live and work on Fort Knox. We don’t want to be prohibitively restrictive in our actions if it’ssimply unnecessary. And we recognizethat there are other factors that could be in play that dictate what changeswill come. So again, please be patientand understanding, and we’ll continue to get any information out on notablechanges.

Why are you not informing us where suspected COVID-19 patients worked and when they last worked so we know whether or not we are at risk for exposure?

It’s important for everyone to know that the Fort Knox PreventiveMedicine team – and other health departments for that matter – conducts what’scalled “contact investigations.” Thisessentially means that they ID and contact persons who have been in closecontact with a positive COVID-19 patient – all as part of efforts to reduce thespread of the virus. Now, shouldPreventive Medicine be unable to identify contacts, it is at that point when othermeans would be employed, which could include a notification to a larger “shotgroup” (which could even include a public announcement). The notification would essentially requestthat individuals who were at a specific location at a specific time and may be showingCOVID-19 symptoms contact Preventive Medicine immediately. The Preventive Medicine team takes veryseriously its job to identify and speak with all those who need to be notified.

Why are vehicle checks at the entrance gates still being performed? This seems like an unnecessary risk?