There is 1 remaining EO Refresher class (in-person) for 2021.  If you are due for the refresher class and are unable to attend for any reason, you will be requied to retake the EO initial class.

  • 3 August


There are 2 EO Initial training classes (in-person) left for 2021.

  • 24,25 August
  • 27,27 October

Classes will be filled as registrations are sent in, based on choice and availability.  Once a class is filled, it will close to registrations for those dates and a notice will be sent out.  If you were due for a refresher class and are unable to join a class, you will need to take the initial class again.

  • Required Frequency: Initial course then Refresher course is required yearly after successful completion of Initial course to stay compliant.
  • Governing Regs: AR 200-1, Fort Knox EMD Handbook
  • Additional Info: Registration and Appointment Orders required. To register for a class, send an email to, or call 502-624-3629.


**Additional classes are available upon request.  Please call (502) 624-7300 for scheduling or for more information.

Asbestos/Lead Based Paint Awareness

  • Length: 2 hours

Spill Response and Planning

  • Length: 2 hours

Storm Water Training

  • Length: 2 hours

Unit Environmental Awareness

  • Length: 1 hour