Upon receiving as email notification from Human Resources Command (HRC) stating that you are now on orders, the Reassignment Section will send you an email with instruction to conduct your Levy Briefing. Until further notice there will be no in-person Levy Briefs held at the In and Processing Center.

Contact your local DHR at 337-531-0673 or email at to request an online Levy Brief if one is needed.


  1. If you need to Reenlist/Extend: process through Retention and submit paper work to Reassignments.
  2. If you need current S2 Memorandum process through S2 and submit paperwork to Reassignments.
  3. If you have a T3 or P3 profile: submit a copy to Reassignments.
  4. If you are PCSing OCONUS, you need a DA 4036: process through the BJACH Lab No Sooner Than 6 months prior to your departure. Submit form to Reassignments.
  5. If you are PCSing CONUS and Ft Johnson was your first duty station, and you are SPC and below, you MUST attend the CONUS Relocation Orientation (ACS Brief, Bldg 920) (Army Community Services) 531-6923/ 6941/ 6952 (Must call for appointment)
  6. If you are PCSing OCONUS, you must attend the OCONUS Relocation Orientation (ACS Brief, Bldg 920). Mandatory for all Soldiers PCSing OCONUS 531-6923/ 6941/ 6952 (Must call for appointment)
  7. If you are taking your dependents with you OCONUS, you must have your Dependents screened through EFMP. Orders CAN NOT be processed until your dependents have been screened and their travel is approved by the gaining location. Upon receipt of approval, your Orders will be processed. (EFMP POC: 337-531-3002); BJACH Pediatrics Dept.)
  8. Go to your Housing Office right away to give your notice to vacate. You need to give a minimum of 30days to vacate. (Do not need orders to give housing office notice to vacate)
  9. OCONUS with Dependents: Start your Family member's passport requests when you receive orders. You were given a instruction sheet from Personnel Movements in the on-line Levy Brief. POC: 531-1307 / 2857. You will need orders to start this process.
  10. Please email all paperwork to
  • Note: Orders will only be processed after all requirements are fulfilled. Orders are e-mailed to the service member and the service memberss1.


  1. Transportation: As soon as you get your orders, log-on to DPS ( to self-counsel to schedule Household Goods pickup. Call Transportation at 337-531-7098 if you have questions.
  2. OCONUS Travel: You will receive your PORTCALL ITINERARY from Personnel Movements (Bldg. 4374,Rm 102.8), 90 days out from your report date. BEFORE preparing your DA 31, you must have this Itinerary and follow the instructions on that Memorandum, by “ending” your DA 31 on the date instructed. (337-531-1905) or Commercial Flights: Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Bldg. 4374 (1-800-947-7967) ask for FT Johnson office.
  3. DA 31: You will need a COMPLETED DA 31 for schedule clearing paper pickup. Completed DA 31 requires a CONTROL NUMBER and SIGNATURE. The end date must match the report date or the date you fly if traveling OCONUS.


NOTE: You will not be scheduled for clearing paper pickup if your leave form does not meet these requirements.

Schedule Monday-Friday from 1230-1530

  1. You must schedule to have your clearing papers emailed to your account.
  2. Scheduling Requirements:
    1. COMPLETED DA 31 (Leave Form): NOTE: If not taking leave, you still must have a DA 31 to cover your TRAVEL days. Travel days are computed at 400 miles the first day, then 350each day after. If flying, you will be instructed on how to process your DA 31 in accordance with your Port Call date.
    2. TASP Out-processing Survey verification
    3. Proof of Sponsorship request: Access the ACT (ARMY CAREERTRACKER) website at HTTPS://ACTNOW.ARMY.MIL (Sponsorship is only required for Tier II Soldiers)
    4. Portcall Memorandum/Flight Itinerary (for SM PCSing OCONUS)


  1. Everyone must apply for and use a Government Travel Card for PCS Move. See your S4 right away and request a GTCC if you do not have one. Ensure you are placed in Mission Essential mode prior to PCSing so you will not be charged a late fee.
  2. All Soldiers must be in duty uniform(No PT uniform) when performing all functions (i.e. clearing, inquiries, final clearance…etc.) no exceptions.

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