What is P2?

Pollution Prevention (P2) is a comprehensive initiative to reduce and prevent pollution at the source. It focuses;on conservation of resources, replacement of hazardous materials with less hazardous materials, waste reduction, recycling, and other preventive means to successfully and cost effectively avoid, prevent, or reduce the generation of pollutants.

The Army P2 program has three major impacts:

1.  It helps installations reduce their environmental compliance burden by minimizing the applicability of requirements imposed by environmental laws and regulations.

2. Successful P2 projects help reduce operational costs.

3.  The P2 program is fundamental in reducing waste and the generation of pollution.

P2 also plays an essential role in Army efforts to implement Environmental Management System (EMS) and installation sustainability programs. In EMS, P2 efforts are critical in addressing the installation's significant aspects and their impacts. In sustainability, P2 provides essential tools to help installations meet their long-term goals.

For more information about Pollution Prevention, call the Fort Johnson P2 Manager at 337-531-5335/7556.