JRTC and Fort Johnson Regulation 200-1 requires all military and civilian activities to appoint Primary and Alternate ECOs at each company and shop level. ECOs must attend the 40-hour ECO certification course then an 8-hour annual recertification. To schedule, please contact G3 Schools @ 337-531-5067.

The duties and responsibilities of ECOs are widespread and should not be taken lightly. An ECOs duties may include:

  • Maintaining a safe work area and facility.
  • Complying with Pollution Prevention, Sustainability, Recycling and Net Zero Programs and recommending improvements.
  • Managing Solid Waste, Hazardous Material, Hazardous Waste and Used POL.
  • Training Unit Personnel on environmental issues.
  • Managing environmental inspection reporting and record keeping programs.
  • Preserving the Fort Johnson training lands, endangered species, cultural resources and wetlands.
  • Advising the Commander of any Environmental Problems and Legalities.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting your Environmental Customer Service Technician (ECST), the environmental representative assigned to assist you with environmental issues. For a list of ECSTs, see the link provided below.

Environmental Customer Service Techs (ECSTs) Contact SheetECOs_SAP_Site.jpg