Organizational Mission: Public Works mission is to provide services for Fort Johnson and JRTC. We provide quality housing, training, maintenance, and community facilities and services in support of the U. S. Army mission and training, as measured by the positive response of commanders, Soldiers, and their families.

Phone Numbers:
Service Orders: Call (337) 531-1DPW (1379)
A Service order is a minor repair to Real Property.
Examples: No hot water or water leak, a broken air conditioner or heater, a pothole or tree in the road, a broken lock, or no electricity, etc...

Directorate of Public Works: (337) 531-4508
Environmental Natural Resources Management Division: (337) 531-7008
Technical Services Division: (337) 531-1428
Work Requests (DA Form 4283): Call (337) 531-8723/6889/2237
A Work Request is an SRM request to perform minor construction on Real Property.
Corps of Engineers Liaison Officer: (337) 531-4756
Housing / Residential Communities Initiative: (337) 531-6000
Fort Worth District Engineer Office: (337) 531-2933

We provide the following support to the Fort Johnson community: