Continuing Education Services mission is to maximize educational opportunities for all customers. Our vision is to provide the Army's premiere education center, committed to service, excellence and innovation.

We provide the following support to the Fort Johnson community:

1. Self-development opportunities for Soldiers, family members, Department of the Army Civilians (DACs),retirees, contractors and civilians from the local community in real time and virtual environments. Programs and services available may vary depending on the category of the client, i.e. we provide Army Tuition Assistance (TA) only to active duty Soldiers. Programs and services to include educational counseling, testing, college degree programs, basic skills training, Multi-use Learning Facility/MOS Library and self-paced programs such as KUDER Journey Career Planning Process and Peterson's Online Academy Skills Course (OASC).

2. Recruitment, Retention, Readiness, and Quality of Life support

For Army Personnel Testing requests (DLPT, DLAB, OPI, BMST, AFCT, and SIFT), please download the appropriate DA 4187 from the table below and follow the instructions to fill out and submit the requests electronically.

4187 Instructions (DOCX) DA Form 4187 - AFCT (PDF) DA Form 4187 - BMST(2018)(PDF) DA Form 4187 - DLAB (PDF) DA Form 4187 - DLPT (PDF)
Appointment Request - BMST (DOCX) Standard OPI Request (DOCX) DA Form 4187 - OPI(2018)(PDF) SIFT Examinee's Informational (DOCX) DA Form 4187 - SIFT (PDF)

Please be advised that hand delivered requests will no longer be accepted.

Colleges located in the Education Center:

Central Texas College - (337) 531-5661 or (337) 537-5202

Northwestern State University - (337) 653-0812 or (337) 392-3134

McNeese State University - (337) 537-1430

Upper Iowa University - (337) 531-5262/4465