JRTC and Fort Johnson train Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) and Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFAB) to conduct large scale operations on a decisive action battlefield against a near-peer threat with multi-domain capabilities. Fort Johnson enables FORSCOM units to increase readiness and support globally deployable missions while facilitating a high Quality of Life for Soldiers and Army Families.


JRTC and the Combat Training Center platform continues to evolve in order to challenge Soldiers, Leaders, and IBCTs in the most realistic, demanding, rigorous battlefield environment. Focused on large scale combat operations; JRTC will develop the expanded Peason Ridge Training Area to facilitate Multi-Domain Operations (MDO). The North Fort Johnson ADP transforms with the construction of the new JRTC Operations Center; a new Rotational Unit Billeting Area (RUBA); and enhancements to the pre-positioned fleet - focusing North Fort Johnson on JRTC rotations - transitioning to an "all things tactical" foundation.

The South Fort Johnson ADP dramatically transforms the platform where the majority of our Soldiers, Units, and Army Families are stationed, work, and live. The movement of the Operations Group to the new Joint Operations Center (JOC) at North Fort allows the Fort Johnson Soldier Support District to efficiently realign brigade and battalion unit footprints to build Soldier and Unit Readiness - we are focused on "all things Soldier, all things Unit, all things Readiness." As one of the four (4) Quality of Life installations in the Army, JRTC and Fort Johnson pursues multiple initiatives within: Education, Housing, Health, Health Care, Child Care, Spouse Employment, and MWR - enhancing the Soldier and Family Quality of Life at Fort Johnson to equal the world-class readiness and training achieved ay JRTC.