The Presidential Salute Guns Battery, also known as the Salute Guns Platoon, renders honors to foreign dignitaries and heads of state visiting the White House, the Pentagon and other places in the area. It also fires the final salute during funerals for flag officers at Arlington National Cemetery. Not only does this platoon provide ceremonial sup-port, but also the mortar men provide 75-mm mortar indirect-fire support during the tactical training of Old Guard units.

During ceremonies, the platoon fires 3-inch antitank guns mounted on a 105-mm howitzer chassis. Three-man crews, consisting of a watchman (time keeper), loader and gunner, fire at intervals from three to eight seconds, depending on the type of ceremony.

Every summer the Salute Guns Platoon joins the U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own,” in performing Tchaikovsky’s “Overture 1812” on the National Mall.